• GOUET Pre-baked frozen bread production line

    No price - Crécy-la-Chapelle, France Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: GOUET

    adapted for special breads may be suitable, with additional equipment, for the production of baked bread

  • 2013 Bear AE140 Batch mixers

    No price - United Kingdom
    • Manufacturer: Bear

    batch mixers bear ae140 used machine stainless 140l mixer, varimixer variable speed system and the unique bowl clamping system which lifts the bowl into position and raises it to the correct workin...

  • 2000 Rondo Doge Pastry Lamination line

    No price - Gainsborough, United Kingdom

      the rondo doge is an automatic lamination line that was manufacturing sheets of pastry, such as short bread and puff pastry.

    • bread production line for baguette

      No price - Willich, Germany
      • Manufacturer: POLIN

      for bread, baguette or any other product year: 2013 capacity: 360 kg / h consisting of: 1 x mixer 2 x scales 2 x gs italia baguettes former 2 x egg spray 1 x ploin gas oven 1,2 x 26 x 0,3 4 x gs i...

    • 2015 Lippelt Mini Rustica GS bread roll

      No price - Babenhausen, Germany

        head machine for square special buns model: mini-rustica gs year of construction: 2015 bread roll with guillotine and punching device inlet and discharge belt in extended version including 3 punchi...

      • RULA Compact A Brotanlage 12952

        $38,631 - Babenhausen, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Sprenger

        stainless steel design, with program control electronic setting, adjustable speed processing of wheat / rye and mixed bread dough weight range: 250 - 1.750g alternative: 750 - 2.500g with 2 knittin...

      • RULA S Brotanlage 13092

        $34,197 - Babenhausen, Germany
        • Manufacturer: bak-tec

        sophisticated, fully thought-out system, made in germany production process at the switch panel set for wheat, mixing and rye bread 170 with a weight of 250 g to 90% rye with a ta - 1750 g or 750 g...

      • 2004 Kemper Becherwerk 14007

        $6,388 - Babenhausen, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Kemper

        for high transport of dough with upper outfeed belt with bread train dimensions: hxwxd = 247x67x71 cm depth with discharge conveyor 130 cm siding in v2a height for teigauswurf: 196 mm year 2004 kem...

      • 1995 Benier B 84 A Abwieger 13400

        $3,167 - Babenhausen, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Benier

        abwieger is mobile, with outfeed belt gentle dough processing, band mehler 70 kg hopper portion approximately 400-2500 gr hourly production max. 900 pieces zentralbeölung with filtration system, co...

      • Sinmag SMQ-20 Kegelrundwirker

        No price - Babenhausen, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Sinmag

        stainless steel design with mehler for all types of dough, capacity: 300 - 1100 g, performance 2400-3200 pieces per hour, frame mobile in stainless steel, with blower teflon coating of trays and co...