• Brushing for shiny

    $3,731 - Lombardy, Italy Recently Added

      brushing ernesto canavesi width. brush 900mm, length 2500mm floor, € 3500.00 excluding vat


      $1,599 - Lombardy, Italy Recently Added

        lower brushing machine for wood, carpet conveyor width 220 mm, dia. brush steel roller 300 mm, width of brush roller 220 mm., new control panel. for further information contact mr. boulders in 347...


        $2,107 - Italy
        • Manufacturer: MEC

        spazzolatrice italmeccanica mec power 4t/s

      • Aweta brushing and singulation machine

        $3,431 - Rotterdam, Netherlands Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Aweta

        description: aweta brushing and singulation machine with extra conveyor this machine is used as part of a labeling line for fruit at an import company of fruit. this machine is now without labele...

      • New brushing machine

        $4,434 - Rotterdam, Netherlands Recently Added

          produce: onions, potatoes, fruits, carrots

        • Javo brushing unit for trays

          $3,272 - Rotterdam, Netherlands Recently Added
          • Manufacturer: Javo Maschinen

          description: javo brushing unit for trays for cleaning the tray after filling easily adjustable for various tray heights easy to connect to other systems  / trayfilling lines adjustable spee...

        • Greefa brushing machine for Pepers

          $8,182 - Rotterdam, Netherlands Recently Added
          • Manufacturer: Greefa Sortiermaschinen

          description: greefa brushing machine for peppers and round fruits 125 cm wide brushes 26 brushes 30 rotating top brushes adjustable in height

        • Brushing machine

          No price - Faenza, Italy

            lot 38 brushing machine for round frames.

          • BRUSHING TVM

            No price - Alicante, Spain Recently Added
            • 2001 Hoefer BM 1600 brushing machine

              $5,224 - Mannheim, Germany
              • Manufacturer: Hoefer

              for dusting and cleaning surfaces (and edges). drive motor: 1.1 kw for brushing 2 piece horsehair brush, 170mm feed motor: 1.5 kw with gearbox for constant feed rate about 16 or 18 m / min. infeed ...