No price - Canada
    • Manufacturer: NA
    • Hours: 10162

    a 100kw diesel generator set in a insulated oilfield winchable type building. features: key ch 501 explosion proof lights insulated oilfield building oil level sight glass racor primer e...

  • 2007 Meadow Building Materials saddle MEGA

    $11,311 - Petershagen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Mega

    ez 12/2007 section air suspension disc brake vehicle description stable baustofsattel in mega version. dc-axes tires 385/55 r 19.5 60-70% tread depth plug runge pocket and stanchions slots for stan...

  • Building equipment

    No price - Faenza, Italy Recently Added

      lot 7 scaffolding scaffolds, innocent tubes, scaffolding scaffolds various sizes, polyethylene pipes, different diameters for water works site with fittings and taps, scaffolding boards of 4 m, for...

    • Building equipment

      No price - Faenza, Italy Recently Added

        lot 6 4 m spruce fir, spruce 4 m 50x60, mixed wood beams and mixed lengths, brick architraves, 4m x 4m green nylon yarns, sheaths, security ropes alestyr xps insulation panels sp 80 mm 1.25x0 .6 m;...


        $12,000 - Canada
        • Manufacturer: John Deere
        • Hours: 19085

        a 60kw diesel generator set in a oilfield winchable type building. with light tower mast and electrical distribution. 500 gallon fuel tank. this unit is for sale or available for rent. features:...

      • Building equipment

        $545 - Faenza, Italy Recently Added

          lot 5 ardogres black slate cut 40x40 cm; cementitious 20x20 gray cement tiles; exterior tiled tiles 20x20; gray grit 20x20 tiles; light gray 20x20 stoneware; pink light chiara20x20; light green sto...

        • Building equipment

          $545 - Faenza, Italy Recently Added

            lot 4 well neolith pmd resin; sintiacril a765 m; plastic barrels of 1 mc; mapeband tp 170 ml 30 widths 170 mm; mapeband tpe 325ml 30 325 mm wide; idrostop pvc bi30 rot. 25 mt; shaving cap; gray ant...

          • Building equipment

            $982 - Faenza, Italy Recently Added

              lot 3 lot consisting of building equipment such as construction site lights, metal hopper, wheelbarrow, trabotelli and more.

            • Adesivi cementizi e malte adesive

              $2,482 - Faenza, Italy

                lot 21 lot consists of:  adhesive n2 operates bags from 5kg white and gray 25 pcs  adhesive operates n2 25 kg bags - 228 pcs gray  adhesive operates s1 fiber-reinforced bags of 25 kg. 480 pcs  adhe...

              • Colle fughe guaine cementizie e malte

                $5,504 - Faenza, Italy

                  lot 19 lot consisting of glues, joints, pipe cement and various mortars.