• Agilent HP E4432B Signal Generator

    $3,995 - Londonderry, NH, USA
    • Manufacturer: Agilent

    description: the agilent e4432b rf signal generator offers a wide range of digital modulation capabilities for research and development, manufacturing or troubleshooting applications. providing a c...

  • Agilent 33250A 80 MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator

    $3,295 - Londonderry, NH, USA
    • Manufacturer: Agilent

    sine, square, pulse, ramp, noise and more am, fm, fsk modulation 80 mhz sine and square wave outputs 50 mhz pulse waveforms with variable rise/fall times 12/bit, 200 msa/s, 64k/point deep arbitrary...

  • HP / Agilent 81104A Pulse Pattern Generator w/ (1) 81105A Output Modules

    $3,495 - Londonderry, NH, USA
    • Manufacturer: Agilent

    the agilent 81104a 80 mhz pulse pattern generator with a agilent 81105a output module builds on the performance of the ag81101a and is backward-compatible. the 81104a extends the frequency range an...

  • ADVANTEST D3186 12 GHz Pulse Pattern Generator

    $6,500 - Hamilton Township, NJ, USA
    • Manufacturer: Advantest
    • Model: D3186

    the advantest d3186 12 g-bps pulse pattern generator is provided with powerful evaluation and analysis functions including the mixed sdh pattern generation function to generate sdh/sonet frames vir...

  • Keithley 3402-F

    $7,250 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Keithley

    keithley instruments 3402-f opts: f dual-channel pulse/pattern generator 1mhz to 165mhz series 3400 pulse/pattern generators are the latest additions to the growing line of instrumentation with pul...

  • HP 8116A-001 50MHz Programmable Pulse/Function Generator w/ burst option

    $795 - Londonderry, NH, USA

      description the fully programmable hp 8116a features pulse as well as function generator capabilities in one small unit. a broad 1 mhz to 50 mhz band for all waveforms and a wide choice of operatin...

    • Keysight (Agilent) Technologies 81133A

      $19,500 - United States
      • Manufacturer: Agilent

      keysight (agilent) technologies 81133a pulse pattern generator, 3.35 ghz, single channel the 81133a offers hardware-based prbs and memory-based pattern generation. basic test patterns for infiniban...

    • Agilent HP 81130A

      $7,495 - United States
      • Manufacturer: Agilent
      • Model: 81130A

      keysight / agilent 81130a/2-81132a modules** rental $1,140/mo*** agilent 81130a with one or two agilent 81131a output modules is a 400 mhz precision single/dual-channel pulse data generator. with o...

    • Rohde & Schwarz RS-SMU200A-4/BB/K60/P2_ER

      $15,958 - United States
      • Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
      • Power: Up to +19 dBm (PEP)

      rohde & schwarz smu200a-4 100khz-4ghz vector signal generator/b10-baseband generator w digd/b13-baseband main module/k60-bluetooth edr/k46-dig. std. cdma200 (used) product code: rs-smu200a-4/bb/k60...

    • Keysight-Agilent E4437B

      $5,798 - Lake Mary, FL, USA
      • Manufacturer: Agilent

      keysight-agilent e4437b details keysight-agilent e4437b agilent/hp e4437b esg-dp series digital rf signal generator, 4 ghz the agilent e4437b rf signal generator sets a new price-performance level ...