• Thermo Niton XLp 300A Hand-held XRF Analyzer

    No price - Arcade, NY Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Thermo scientific

    advantages the only lead paint analyzer with the ideal pcs soil mode to evaluate outdoor risks includes serial # 83036 source installed: 10/15/12 lead paint mode installed holster carry case one b...

  • ANRITSU S331E 4 GHz Site Master Cable and Antenna Analyzer

    $4,500 - Hamilton Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Anritsu
    • Model: S331E

    the anritsu s331e site master cable and antenna analyzer dramatically enhances your productivity and transforms the traditional fix-after-failure maintenance model to one that identifies and fixes ...

  • AGILENT 8703A 20 GHz Lightwave Component Analyzer

    $12,000 - Hamilton Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Agilent
    • Model: 8703A

    the agilent 8703a lightwave component analyzer is a manufacturing test solution for diverse optical and electro-optical components, assemblies and devices as lasers and leds, photodiodes, fiber cab...

  • AGILENT 4291B RF Impedance/Material Analyzer

    $5,500 - Hamilton Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Agilent
    • Model: 4291B

    the hp 4291b rf impedance/material analyzer provides a total solution for high-accuracy and easy measurement of surface-mount components and dielectric/magnetic materials. the hp 4291b uses a direc...

  • ANRITSU MS2026A 6 GHz VNA Master Handheld Vector Network Analyzer

    $8,750 - Hamilton Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Anritsu

    the anritsu ms2026a vna master is a 1-port and 2-port handheld vector network analyzer (vna), which uses the superior frequency domain reflectometry (fdr) approach instead of the dc pulse technique...

  • ANDO AQ-6310B 400 to 1750 nm Optical Spectrum Analyzer

    $5,950 - Hamilton Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Ando

    the ando aq-6310b is a general-purpose wavelength characteristic measuring instrument. it measures not only the ld, led, and other light source spectrums, but also the loss wavelength and transmiss...


    $5,500 - United States Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Anritsu

    anritsu ms2712e spectrum analyzer with options 25-31-431-teste​d and calibrated with options 25/31/431-ante​nna-armored cable-hardcase free shipping regulatory requirements are growing. you are und...

  • Agilent N5306A Protocol Analyzer for

    $5,000 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Agilent

    agilent n5306a protocol analyzer for pcie 1.0 and 2.0 the n5306a is a key component of the e2960 family of pcie test solutions. it is an i/o modules that fits into the n5540a or n5541a n2x chassis....

  • JDSU JD724C CellAdvisor Cable and Antenna Analyzer, 5 MHz-4 GHz

    No price - Elgin, IL
    • Manufacturer: JDSU

    jdsu jd724c features: frequency range: 5 mhz to 4 ghz resolution: 10 khz accuracy:

  • Fluke Dsp-4300 Cable Analyzer

    No price - South Korea
    • Manufacturer: Fluke

    dsp-4300(cable analyzer)/ dsp-4300sr(smart remote) / dsp-lia012(channel adapter for cat 6/class e)/ dsp-lia013(channel traffic adapter for cat 6/class e)/ dsp-4000 cal module/ dsp-lia101(permanent ...