• Cableway Romania

        buy forest funicular fp2 operating in very good condition with original trolley line fp2 reghin over 800 meters, 600 meters cable puller with all possible aggregates (2 palani, two crowns, two lugs, cable crossin...

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        Costești, Romania
      • 2002 irum romania Cableway

        • Manufacturer: irum romania

          funicular sell. is good . for those interested in telephone contact. manta florin - translated with google

          Malaia, Romania
        • 2006 Kyburz Winch for cable crane

          • Manufacturer: Kyburz

            winch for cable crane on trailer, remote controlled with tracks automatic, up to 1200 m 11mm rope, 105 ps, little used - translated with google

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            Tisens, Italy
          • 2009 Epsilon 250L

            • Manufacturer: Epsilon

              epsilon 250l rocking arm with double telescope incl. swivel and oil motor, electric control block, swinging force approx. 6000kg, range 4.8m the crane was mounted on the stern of a harvester to lift and swin...

              Göstling an der Ybbs, Austria
            • GANTNER & Wyssen

              • Manufacturer: GANTNER & Wyssen

                for sale maschine for transportation and proccessing logs from forest gantner, second hand (whinch and reductor rudolf gantner), two new steal ropes python 22mm (holder) length 1300m and pulling 12mm in length 12...

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                Teslić, Bosnia and Herzegovina
              • 2015 Valentini V400/5/3T Mobile Cable Crane Germany

                • Manufacturer: Valentini

                  sell ​​cableway valentini v400 bergaufbergab brin narrowing at the level bj 2015 carriage bergwald 3500 hybrid diver.zubehör tractor is not sold

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                  Freudenstadt, Germany