• Parr 1455 Solution Calorimeter Parr Instruments Solution calorimeter Parr Calorimeter 1455

        parr 1455 solution calorimeter parr instruments solution calorimeter parr calorimeter 1455 used looks nice parr instruments model 1455 parr model 1455

        No price
        Manasquan, NJ, USA
      • Perkin Elmer DSC Diamond Differential Scanning Calorimeter Perkin Elmer Thermal Analysis Equipment

        • Manufacturer: Perkin elmer

          perkin elmer dsc diamond differential scanning calorimeter perkin elmer thermal analysis equipment thermal analysis equipment experts in the field with knowledge of applications parts required, and method develop...

          No price
          Manasquan, NJ, USA
        • Mettler Toledo DSC 1 Calorimeter

          • Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo

            mettler toledo dsc 1 differential scanning calorimeter star system and tc 100 amazing sensitivity – for the measurement of weak effects outstanding resolution – allows measurement of rapid changes and close-lyi...

            $29,999 (USD)
            Tustin, CA, USA
          • TA Instruments DSC 2010 Calorimeter

                ta instruments dsc 2010 differential scanning calorimeter 1. liquid nitrogen tank 2. dsc 2010 differential scanning calorimeter 3. dsc refrigerated cooling system

                $5,999 (USD)
                Tustin, CA, USA
              • TA Instruments DSC Q1000

                • Manufacturer: TA Instruments

                  ta instruments dsc q1000 features/specifications temperature range: -180° -... features/specifications temperature range: -180° - +725°c temperature accuracy: 0.1°c 50-position autosampler digital mass flow contr...

                  $18,995 (USD)
                  United States
                • Columbus Instruments Oxymax Calorimeter System Junction

                  • Manufacturer: Columbus Instruments

                    please visit  for the complete system

                    $1,000 (USD)
                    San Diego, CA, USA
                  • $1,000 (USD)
                    San Diego, CA, USA
                  • Netzsch DSC 200 30046

                    • Manufacturer: Netzsch

                      netzsch differential calorimeter dsc 200 asc. with dsc measuring part. sample changer. control and data acquisition: ta system controller tasc 414/3. gas flow control device. cooling additive. sealing press. crud...

                      $16,659 (USD)
                      Burladingen, Germany
                    • 2013 Perkin Elmer DSC 6000 29576

                      • Manufacturer: Perkin elmer

                        perkin elmer differential scanning calorimeter dsc 6000. with autosampler. intercooler ulsp130 dsc. universal crimping device. krimpeinsatz for volatile samples. approximately 350 al capsules 0.1mm / 50 l. ca 350...

                        $50,028 (USD)
                        Burladingen, Germany
                      • Perkin Elmer Diamond DSC & VLT100 (chiller), Polyscience 9102A1 ANA-2349

                        • Manufacturer: Perkin elmer

                          this perkin elmer diamond dsc differential scanning calorimeter (p/n n5360022) and intracooler 2p cooling accessory model vlt100 (p/n n5370207) are both previously-owned and used, but in clean and working conditi...

                          $12,000 (USD)
                          San Jose, CA, USA

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