• Canco,Contherm, and Innovative Machine Engineering Complete Cheese Sauce Canning line

    No price - Island Lake, IL, USA Recently Added

      all this equipment was purchased used in 2013, setup, tested and never implemented because the company shifted focus. the equipment would prefer to be sold in one package which would include the fo...

    • Palletising system for cans 2950

      No price - Lorquí, Spain

        - 2 palletising tables in canvas - 1 ferrite magnets area for 5kg. cans - 1 support structure for this area and the tables - 1 electric control and manoeuvre pannel - programmable apparatus to cont...

      • Used- Aerofil Aerosol Line with Gashouse. Line is capable of an estimated production output of 5,000-22,000 units per shift depending on can size

        No price - Bensenville, IL, USA
        • Manufacturer: Aerofil

        71554001 used- aerofil aerosol line with gashouse. line is capable of an estimated production output of 5,000-22,000 units per shift depending on can size. was previously running 35mm, 38mm, 45mm, ...

      • Weight control line for 3kg and 5kg 3568

        No price - Lorquí, Spain
        • Manufacturer: Macoansal

        format: 3 and 5 kg | made up of: st. steel | production capacity: 40 cans/minute; continuos weighing

      • VARO high precision filling line for cans

        No price - Hornslet, Denmark

          varo's filling line for cans is a highly flexible and precise filling system for quality products - including foamy and corrosive liquids filling line is fully automatic and can be supplied with in...

        • 1994 SIG glass line 0730

          No price - Burgwald, Germany
          • Manufacturer: SIG

          complete canning line for carbonated soft drinks capacity: 36.000cph can type 1) 202/200 slim can 250ml can type 2) 211/202 standard can 330ml product: csd packaging: cans on tray skrinked into foi...


          No price - Bohemia, NY, USA
          • Manufacturer: Crown

          crown 100 valve filler on mono-block set up with angelus model 120l seamer. last running up to 1,300 cans per minute (11.2 oz.), size 204 cans. completely rebuilt by crown in 1983 and remaining i...

        • Krones Filling Line

          $1,515,810 - Karlstadt am Main, Germany
          • Manufacturer: Krones

          cat.-nr. 16-00059 complete line except secondary packaging, all equipment in very good condition and immediately available for relocation. the line was delivered in year 2003 by krones and it was ...

        • Lubeca 303 - Can seamerRelated goodsCabinplant - Complete Canning Line

          No price - Myre, Norway

            condition: good, working equipped with clincher dimensions (lxwxh): 47 x 93 x 91 mm. diagonal: 94 mm 2 stations capacity: 50 cans\per minute min. inside diagonal: 55 mm max. inside diagonal: 210 mm...

          • 1988 H&K Holstein & Kappert glass line 0737

            No price - Burgwald, Germany
            • Manufacturer: H&K Holstein & Kappert

            canning line for beer, csd, energy drinks, etc. capacity: 36.000cph based on 0,25ltr. slim can 25.000cph based on 0,5ltr. standard can can types: 1) standard can 211/202 for 0,33ltr and 0,5ltr. 2) ...