• 1994 BITO Cantilever-type shelves

    • Manufacturer: Bito

      cantilever-type shelves bito used machine bito collar arm shelf with double arms year of construction 1994 very well maintained good condition height: approx. 3, 2 m boom ever 60 cm deep consisting of: 11 units t...

      $9,653 (USD)
      Bochum, Germany
    • Used shelf shelves

          poti srl is with its 15,000 square meters, the reference point for used shelving. in the 3 locations in bologna, it has thousands of shelves and components. you can not find what you are looking for. prices? the ...

          No price
          Emilia-Romagna, Italy
        • Cantilever racking, 1000 kg

          • Manufacturer: Racks Industries

            heavy duty cantilever racking double / single side manufacturer: racks industries 48 pc cantilever racking double side, height 5000 mm 1000 kg per arm, 1100 mm arm length, 6 arms per stand 27 pc cantilever rackin...

            No price
          • 1995 Cantilever racking

            • Manufacturer: ORHA

              cantilever racking in hall set up, one side 1o5 cm sleeve length 16 stand distance 90 cm of stack height 500 m mwbzt "12o"5"90"500""

              No price
              Bavaria, Germany
            • 2005 double-sided Cantilever Rack

              • Manufacturer: Fischer

                double sided cantilever racking heavy version 4 stand height: 5,400 mm and 2,200 mm possible increase width: 2,730 mm at the base (ipe 330) arm length 1,200 mm (ipe 160) 6 arms per stator field length 1,500 mm 12...

                No price
                Saxony, Germany
              • Dumeta GUSTOS D-7-3000-D

                • Manufacturer: Dumeta

                  this handy collar shelving gustos offered d-7-3000-d from dumeta regal is used and a bar below would have to be welded newly, but otherwise in very good condition is especially suitable for lifting loaded parts w...

                  $2,792 (USD)
                • 1999 Heavy duty collar shelving

                  • Manufacturer: Rehnen

                    collar shelving on both sides, bright zinc-plated system consisting of: 8 stand with 2 x 4 arms (64 arms) load-bearing capacity per arm 750 kg load-bearing capacity per stand 2250 kg 7zdprhmxj height: 4200mm arm ...

                    $4,102 (USD)
                    Bavaria, Germany
                  • H 8,1m Armabstand 84cm Armlaenge 1,5m Auflast/Arm 1000 kg

                    • Manufacturer: H 8,1m Armabstand 84cm

                      26 m collar arm rack vintage cameras, see pictures height 81 m distance between posts 29 m arm's length 15 m welded arms arm distance 84 cm load / arm 1000 kg colour yellow regal was originally two-sided, for tra...

                      $3,293 (USD)
                      Upper Austria, Austria
                    • Hoehe 8,15 m Steherbreite 24 cm Auflast/Arm 1000 kg Armabstand 82 cm

                      • Manufacturer: Hoehe 8,15 m Steherbreite 24 cm

                        377 m collar shelving used, see pictures! height 8,15 m distance between posts 29 m riser width 24 cm arm's length 2,2 m welded arms arm far 82 cm load / arm 1000 kg colour yellow regal was originally two-sided, ...

                        $4,626 (USD)
                        Upper Austria, Austria
                      • SSI Schaefer KRS, fahrbar

                        • Manufacturer: SSI Schaefer

                          cantilever racking shelving, two-sided, 250 m height, 080 m deep arms, 150kg per arm, about 125m length per trolley used -: price from location: now only 14950- 18950- instead of (net) and vat dismantling and lo...

                          $17,037 (USD)
                          Bavaria, Germany

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