• 2001 ETT A 862 – HL Cardboard packaging machines

    • Manufacturer: ETT

      cardboard packaging machines ett a 862 – hl used machine case erector with hot adhesive device nordson 3100 v,. size range / carton size: length: 200-400 mm width: 200-350 mm height: 200-400 mm

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      • Manufacturer: CAN PACKAGING

        closing after filling

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        Crécy-la-Chapelle, France
      • 2007 5414 - Atena Rotogravure Machine with RDC10 Rotary Die Cutter 5414

        • Manufacturer: Thermo

          71" x 26"(1800mm x 660mm) 7 color format features: machine designed for production of cigarette packaging, paper labels and cardboard packaging impressions: c. 12 million number of printing units: 7 3 stage rotar...

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          Elk Grove Village, IL, USA
        • 2010 5775 - Steinemann Hibis 104 Rotary Screen and Flexo Line 5775

          • Manufacturer: Steinemann

            29" x 41" (740mm x 1040mm) screen and flexo line for spot and/or overall coating and uv drying

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            Elk Grove Village, IL, USA
          • HSA 50C with additional cardboard box

                completely overhauled hsa 50c immediately available. switch on and get started

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                Hardthausen am Kocher, Germany
              • New Ko Tai Machines Inc. MW1450A Automatic Die Cutting Press 5376

                • Manufacturer: Becker

                  max. sheet size: 57.1”x 43.3” (1450 mm x1100 mm) features: - die cuting and embossing capability for large format cardboards and corrugated boards up to 5 mm thick - stripping and partial blanking - world patente...

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                  Elk Grove Village, IL, USA
                • 1992 Mosca KPM-131 Packaging machinery for pallets

                  • Manufacturer: Mosca

                    packaging machinery for pallets mosca kpm-131 used machine mosca kpm-131 automatic twin pallet packing press upstream electrically driven roller conveyor with integrated pallet centering device lr ol o vaay k98v3...

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                    Velbert, Germany
                  • CAM Packing machine for cardboard boxes

                    • Manufacturer: CAM

                      cam packing machine for cardboard boxes, can be set to multiple sizes boxes, with tape dispenser to bottom up top. click on photo for more photos.

                      Hobro, Denmark
                    • SYSTEM PACKAGING Model 9000

                          solid  carton packer….makes shipping packages for example cd’s , dvd’s, books etc.    with  two rolls cold seal corrugated kraft paper the machine produced cardboard “enveloppes”. so a good solution for the ecom...

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                          Swifterbant, Netherlands
                        • Ampoule packing line comprising Farmores Biores BR 140 cardboard tray forming and loading machine and Bosch (Höfliger & Karg) Cartonetta horizontal cartoner

                          • Manufacturer: Bosch

                            ampoule packing line comprising farmores biores br 140 cardboard tray forming machine, feeding automatically a bosch (höfliger & karg) cartonetta horizontal cartoner. includes handling parts for 1ml, 2ml, 5ml & 1...

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                            Raguhn, Germany