• GE IN Cell 2000 Analyzer Pred. to 2200

    • Manufacturer: General electric

      priced $23,995.00 ge in cell analyzer 2000 pred. to ge in cell 2200 internal part number 9607 made in 2011 so we we sold 3 units (2 to chi ...

      Walpole, MA, USA
    • Roche Applied Science CASY Model TT Cell Counter and Analyzer

          the roche applied science casy model tt – cell counter and analyzer is designed to give you total quality control of your cell cultures. the casy model tt features fast, high-precision quantification of: cell vol...

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          East Lyme, CT, USA
        • IN Cell GE Healthcare InCell 2000 Analyzer System Pred 2200

          • Manufacturer: General electric

            here is a ge healthcare in cell 2000 automated cell imaging plate reader system

            this system was made in feb 2011 and placed in service in 2012 and only used for 2 years. original cost was around $24...

            Walpole, MA, USA
          • Innovatis Cedex Analyzer with AS20 Automatic Sampler

                the innovatis cedex analyzer with as20 automatic sampler is an automated cell counting system based on the well-established trypan blue exclusion method for determining cell viability. two of the most important p...

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                East Lyme, CT, USA
              • Anton Paar Physica EKA Electro Kinetic Analyzer without Cylindrical Cell

                • Manufacturer: PAAR

                  phone: 1-567-221-0615 this is a nice used anton paar physica electro kinetic analyzer without the cylindrical cell. this unit has been tested to the best of our ability and appears to be functioning normally.

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                  Cridersville, OH, USA
                • Anritsu MT8212E-21-25-31-44-52-65-66-67-541-542 Cell Base Station Analyzer

                  • Manufacturer: Anritsu

                    -->--> the anritsu mt8212e cell master base station analyzer is the smallest, lightest, and most economical solution for 2/3g and wimax base s ...

                    Lake Mary, FL, USA
                  • Beckman Coulter Z2 Particle Counter and Size Analyzer with Control Module

                    • Manufacturer: Beckman

                      the beckman coulter z2 particle counter and size analyzer with control module uses the electrical sensing zone method for counting cells or particles in the 1-120 micron size range. this technique provides accura...

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                      East Lyme, CT, USA
                    • Amersham Biosciences / GE Healthcare IN CELL Analyzer 1000

                      • Manufacturer: General electric

                        an automated cellular/subcellular imaging system, used for multiwavelength imaging and analysis in fixed and live cells. included components: 6004906 - amersham biosciences / ge healthcare - in cell analyzer 1000

                        San Diego, CA, USA
                      • AGILENT 37717C Communications Performance Analyzer, SDH/PDH/ATM Test Set

                        • Manufacturer: Agilent

                          the hp 37717c communications performance analyzer is rugged and portable, it allows full functional testing of sdh, pdh and atm equipment, including jitter generation and measurement. it has a color display and g...

                          Hamilton Township, NJ, USA
                        • Coulter Model Z2 Particle Count and Size Analyzer

                              uses the electrical zone method known as the coulter principlecounts cell or particle amountsmeasures size distributionscumulative particle countcumulative number of particles (based on percent) above or below a ...

                              Golden Valley, MN, USA