• 1999 Hydro-Chem 450 Nm3/Hr Hydrogen Plant

    • Manufacturer: Major

      this hydrogen plant utilizes low pressure steam methane reforming to convert natural gas and steam feedstock into high purity hydrogen. process and utility connection to the plant are designed such that the stand...

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      Buffalo, NY, USA

        • Capacity: 54000 MT/Y OF 100% FORMALDEHYDE

        product grades: 50% formaldehyde with 0.7% methanol and .010 ppm formic acid; dilution to other concentrations is possible; plant yield: 1.19 pounds of methanol to produce 1.0 pound of formaldehyde; process chemi...

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        La Porte, TX, USA

            high temp / high vacuum distillation - chem rx. multiple use distillation plus high temperature rx system: operational temperature up to ~325 deg.c (620 deg.f) at 1.0mm vacuum. this is a "state-of-the-art" ch...

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            Penns Grove, NJ, USA
          • Used- Mobile Water Treatment Plant, 50 m3/hr. Plant installed on 4 different flatbeds

            • Manufacturer: Custom Made
            • Capacity: 50 m3/hr

            46258001 used- mobile water treatment plant, 50 m3/hr. plant installed on 4 different flatbeds. includes the following: 20 ft maritime container and a chemical mixer, lamellar clarifier, filter press, 115 plates,...

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            Bensenville, IL, USA
          • Chemical nickel plant

                - chemical - nickel plant from schlötter - chemical nickel bath (dimensions approx. light: 670 / 1090x800x800mm) - pumping tank - sample container for hno3 - compl. heating, control cabinet, protektostat etc. - c...

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                Lauterbach, Germany

                • Manufacturer: CHEMICAL PLANT ENGINEERING
                • Capacity: 25L

                this mixer is in great working condition. it has come out of a working environment and has been well maintained. the tank is made out of stainless steel and is also jacketed. made by chemical plant and engineering

                $3,479 (USD)
                Campbellfield, Australia
              • Complete Cotton Wool Processing & Packing Plant

                    complete cotton wool processing and packing plant. includes: blow room, cross opener and wadding machine for handling bleached cotton in bales two production lines; line 1 with 6 cards and line 2 with 7 cards. ...

                    No price
                    Raguhn, Germany
                  • Container for chemicals

                        lot 2 lot consisting of: chemical container, 1000 lt, with pump dosing plant; water inlet drainage unit

                        $2,303 (USD)
                        Faenza, Italy
                      • Shake out for chemical sand with sand feeder

                            outside dimension: length 2100 mm, width 1800 mm, height +- 600 +foot 1250 mm.total height 1850 mm useful dimension: length 1500 mm, width 1500 mm food dim.2000 x1450 x h 1250 mm. shakeout station  with intermedi...

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                            Amel, Belgium
                          • Nobake moulding plant, brand IMF

                                mould plates: 2400 mm x 1400 mm, ± 68 plates * ± 150 m rolling conveyor * 4 x transfer wagons * mixer imf, 30 t/h, equipped for furan process * rollover with mould/pattern separation * mould manipulator imf for o...

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                                Amel, Belgium

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