• 1999 Hydro-Chem 450 Nm3/Hr Hydrogen Plant

    • Manufacturer: Major

      this hydrogen plant utilizes low pressure steam methane reforming to convert natural gas and steam feedstock into high purity hydrogen. process and utility connection to the plant are designed such that the stand...

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      Buffalo, NY, USA
    • 2005 PowerScreen CDE SAND WASHING PLANT

      • Manufacturer: Powerscreen

        2005 cde washing plant in good working order cde 5m thickener + container with chemicals - integrated flocstation control panels, pumps, structure, etc. powerscreen hopper with tipping grid 20 m stockpiler 800 mm...

        Poland, IN, USA
      • COMPLETE PLANTS 79862

          • Capacity: 54000 MT/Y OF 100% FORMALDEHYDE

          product grades: 50% formaldehyde with 0.7% methanol and .010 ppm formic acid; dilution to other concentrations is possible; plant yield: 1.19 pounds of methanol to produce 1.0 pound of formaldehyde; process chemi...

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          La Porte, TX, USA
        • Used- This is a state-of-the-art chemical processing / polymerization / purification / chemical reaction production pilot plant

              11059034 used- this is a state-of-the-art chemical processing / polymerization / purification / chemical reaction production pilot plant. there is literally very little that this system is not designed to accomp...

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              Bensenville, IL, USA
            • Jacobsen 99FC

              • Manufacturer: Jacobsen

                jacobsen size 99 finger crusher,9" x 9" chamber, stainless steel contacts, 1 hp motor, two rotors with fingers on shaft, stationary fingers mounted to side walls, widely used to break up lumps of chemicals, drugs...

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                Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA
              • Chemical plant

                    lot 36 physical chemistry plant located outside the shed (rc no. 1)

                    Faenza, Italy

                        high temp / high vacuum distillation - chem rx. multiple use distillation plus high temperature rx system: operational temperature up to ~325 deg.c (620 deg.f) at 1.0mm vacuum. this is a "state-of-the-art" ch...

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                        Penns Grove, NJ, USA
                      • MSY Tyre Recycling Plant

                            msy tyre recycling plant recycle car and truck tyres with this small scale tyre recycling system. the msy tyre recycling plant is designed for recycling car and truck tyres for the production of clean rubber crum...

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                            Wilmington, DE
                          • Used- Mobile Water Treatment Plant, 50 m3/hr. Plant installed on 4 different flatbeds

                            • Manufacturer: Custom Made

                              46258001 used- mobile water treatment plant, 50 m3/hr. plant installed on 4 different flatbeds. includes the following: 20 ft maritime container and a chemical mixer, lamellar clarifier, filter press, 115 plates,...

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                              Bensenville, IL, USA
                            • Chemical nickel plant

                                  - chemical - nickel plant from schlötter - chemical nickel bath (dimensions approx. light: 670 / 1090x800x800mm) - pumping tank - sampling container for hno3 - compl. heating, control cabinet, protektostat etc. -...

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                                  Lauterbach, Germany