• Milton Roy P-31

    • Manufacturer: Milton Roy

      make: milton roy chemical storage tank size: 45 gallon lmi milton roy pump pump model: a151-85hv pump serial: 990624229 max g.p.h: 1.00 max psi: 110 pump voltage: 120v 50/60 hz 1.40 amp 1ph j.l wingert co mixer m...

      Watertown, CT, USA
    • 2013 Fumex GS3-500 Solvent Fumes and Chemical Fume extractor #3079

      • Manufacturer: FUMEX

        asset description notes: fumex gs3-500 chemical fumes & solvent fume extractor. utilizes a powerful blower, digital controls an integrated gas sensor and a large capacity filter to effectively capture and elimina...

        Connecticut, United States

        • Manufacturer: Durco

          ansi 300 class, non-lubricated, figure g431 plug valve for corrosive and chemical services. stainless steel body, plug, and cap. ptfe sleeve. rated for 720 psi @ 100°f, 400 psi @ 400°f. worcester controls spr...

          Millwood, WV, USA

              1.5 hp dry chemical metering system/pug mill model/serial no. u-27164, ax 51526 manufacturer wallace tierman construction/configuration carbon steel horizontal rating rated for 4000 lbs/hr inlets/outlets 14″ x 14...

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              Rehoboth, MA, USA
            • 1999 Hydro-Chem 450 Nm3/Hr Hydrogen Plant

              • Manufacturer: Major

                this hydrogen plant utilizes low pressure steam methane reforming to convert natural gas and steam feedstock into high purity hydrogen. process and utility connection to the plant are designed such that the stand...

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                Buffalo, NY, USA
              • 12-inch (300mm) HFCVD System for CVD Diamond & Related Materials

                    hot filament cvd system engineered for diamond deposition on a 12 inch (~300mm) rotary platen. design offers excellent potential for diamond, cnts & related nanomaterials processing for both r&d and/or production...

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                    Leominster, MA, USA
                  • Union Q-2

                    • Manufacturer: Union

                      union process szegvari model q-2 attritor mill, 3 hp motor with vari-drive, rpm meter, temp gauge, jacketed tank, chemical resistant tefzel (polymer lining), on/off control stock number: dpm-1045

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                      Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA
                    • 25" x 23", Greerco, No. w200v, The Greerco Colloid Mill is the most versatile high shear mixer available. With a simple turn of the wheel, you can achieve th

                      • Manufacturer: Greerco

                        the greerco colloid mill is the most versatile high shear mixer available. with a simple turn of the wheel, you can achieve the process results

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                        Houston, TX, USA
                      • Nordson March (AP-300) and Edwards (E2M28) AP-300 (plasma cleaner) with E2M28 (pump) PRO-3144

                        • Manufacturer: Edwards

                          a compact and benchtop model, the nordson march plasma system ap-300 has a volume capacity of 33.1 liters, supported by up to seven (7) adjustable shelves in the reaction chamber. it operates at temperature range...

                          San Jose, CA, USA
                        • Cole-Parmer Masterflex LS 200-1313

                          • Manufacturer: LS

                            the cole parmer masterflex ls 200-1313  is a peristaltic tubing pump serving applications in laboratory, research, process, pilot-scale, chemical, and manufacturing industries.

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                            East Lyme, CT, USA