• Stuart Cold Finger Rotary Evaporator Stuart RE302 Cold Finger Rotary Evaporator Stuart RE302P Rotary Evaporator Cold Finger compare to Buchi

        stuart cold finger rotary evaporator stuart re302 cold finger rotary evaporator stuart re302p rotary evaporator cold finger compare to buchi simple, counterbalanced lift mechanism ptfe/glass liquid pathway for ch...

        No price
        Manasquan, NJ, USA
      • Stuart Diagonal Rotary Evaporator Stuart RE300 Diagonal Rotary Evaporator Stuart RE300P Rotary Evaporator Diagonal compare to Buchi

            stuart diagonal rotary evaporator stuart re300 diagonal rotary evaporator stuart re300p rotary evaporator diagonal compare to buchi diagonal condenser - re300 & re300p simple, counterbalanced lift mechanism ptfe/...

            No price
            Manasquan, NJ, USA
          • Axic Benchmark 800 ICP 61743

            • Manufacturer: Axic

              plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition system pecvd. tool used in research, process development or low volume production for precise etching and deposition on substrates up to 8-inches in diameter. the system ...

              $49,000 (USD)
              Freehold Township, NJ, USA
            • 1999 Hydro-Chem 450 Nm3/Hr Hydrogen Plant

              • Manufacturer: Major

                this hydrogen plant utilizes low pressure steam methane reforming to convert natural gas and steam feedstock into high purity hydrogen. process and utility connection to the plant are designed such that the stand...

                No price
                Buffalo, NY, USA
              • TITAN ANSI 4196 Pumps - Pumps - Misc

                • Manufacturer: Titan

                  titan ansi 4196 pumps and parts: titan manufactures and markets a wide range of titan 4196 ansi pumps and parts which conform to ansi b73.1m specifications. titan 4196 ansi pumps are available in st, mt, txlt mod...

                  No price
                  Houston, TX, USA
                • Laurell WS-400B-6NPP/LITE 61003

                  • Manufacturer: Laurell

                    photoresist spinner. made with materials that do not degrade or generate particles. the bowl shaped interior forces fluid downward where it is routed directly to rear drain. the upper plenum closes inside the bas...

                    $2,750 (USD)
                    Freehold Township, NJ, USA
                  • Nordson March (AP-300) and Edwards (E2M28) AP-300 (plasma cleaner) with E2M28 (pump) PRO-3144

                    • Manufacturer: Edwards

                      a compact and benchtop model, the nordson march plasma system ap-300 has a volume capacity of 33.1 liters, supported by up to seven (7) adjustable shelves in the reaction chamber. it operates at temperature range...

                      $22,250 (USD)
                      San Jose, CA, USA
                    • Thermo Electron FastPrep FP120 (FP120A-115) GEN-1761

                      • Manufacturer: Thermo

                        the thermo electron fastprep fp120 cell disrupter is fully-programmable. it has a speed range of 4.0 to 6.5 m/sec and runs from 1 to 45 seconds. designed to process 12 tubes at a time, this equipment has a comp...

                        $2,500 (USD)
                        San Jose, CA, USA
                      • Crystallizer, 2,000 Gallon, Alloy, 6' X 8', Agit, Coil

                            (4) crystallizer systems, designed for crystallization of tartaric acid, batch-type, 2,000 gallons per 4-6 hours. complete with crystallizer body constructed of sanicro 28 alloy, rated for full vac internal, meas...

                            No price
                            Modesto, CA, USA
                          • Eriez Magnetic Drum Separator

                                the eriez® ferrous magnetic drum separator is ideal for processing e-waste and automotive shredder residue (asr). the steel hopper has a non-magnetic stainless steel portion near the drum to prevent the hopper fr...

                                $22,750 (USD)
                                Moberly, MO, USA

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