• Nagema EW5 chewing gum line

    • Manufacturer: Nagema

      nagema ew5 chewing gum production line, including batch roller, rope sizer and double twist ew5 nagema cut & wrap machine, manufactured year 1991, price on request.

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      Andalusia, Spain
    • Pedro Prat double zeta chewing gum mixer

          pedro prat double zeta chewing gum mixer, 500 kg capacity, iron inside bowl, with tiltin system and water jacketed included, price euro 10.000 ex works

          Andalusia, Spain
        • Blender double zeta chewing gum mixer

              blender double zeta chewing / bubble gum mixer, 500 kg. capacity, stainless steel completely, tilting system, price euro 60.000 ex works….

              Andalusia, Spain
            • 1990 Ball Gum Line

              • Manufacturer: TOGUM

                automatic installation for the manufacturing of rolled, hollow, powder-filled, semi-liquid filled, ball shaped and any other spherical items made of chewing gum, chewy-candy, liquorice etc. manufactured by togum ...

                No price
              • Theegarten U1 bubble gum cut and wrapper

                    theegarten u1 fold cut and wrapping machine for bubble gum, year of manufacture 2.000, speed up to 1.600 pieces per minute, good condition. price euro 133.000 ex works.we are overhauling it .

                    Andalusia, Spain
                  • New kneader double zeta gum mixer

                        maestro manolo new double zeta bubble gum mixer, stainless steel, 5 kg capacity, one year warranty. price euro 9.000 ex works.

                        Andalusia, Spain
                      • Loesch stick pack bubble gum wrapper

                            loesch stick pack bubble gum wrapper, type logimp – logomat, manufactured year 1.989, for packs of 5 gums type trident with 4 welds, high performance, gum dimensions 71 x 19 x 1,65 mm, thickness limit 1,6 to 1,7 ...

                            Andalusia, Spain
                          • Comeck chewing gum line

                            • Manufacturer: Comeck

                              output: 20 ropes/min. each balling machine 37 balls each rope ball diameter size 15 mm consisting of: 1 x extruder 2 x balling machines 2 x take off stations with cooling fan

                              No price
                              Willich, Germany
                            • Comeck ball gum forming line / pirulier

                                  comeck ball gum forming line composed by: comeck extruder twin screw , comeck chewing gum ball forming machine 800 mm useful wide and 800 kg / hour production and vibrating cooling table. priced at euros 42.000 e...

                                  Andalusia, Spain
                                • Togum Bosch Rolling & Scoring bubble gum line SOLD

                                  • Manufacturer: Bosch

                                    togum bosch rolling & scoring bubble gum line, manufactured year 1.995, including extruder, and rolling forming and cutting  machine, 1.200 kg per hour capacity.

                                    No price
                                    Andalusia, Spain