• 1997 ZUM WALD WM40R SPEZ Chocolate Wrapping Machine

    $15,726 - Düsseldorf, Germany
    • Manufacturer: ZUM WALD

    capacity: 1200 20-50 pcs/min air compressor needed 2 phase current needed product size: h: 6cm, w: 1,5cm round products moulds can be changed for flat bottoms f23ekvr2i9v

  • 2000 SAPAL PRLP Wrapper for Chocolate Products

    $33,699 - Düsseldorf, Germany
    • Manufacturer: SAPAL

    sapal prlp chocolate wrapping machine yom: 1990 typ: prlp wrapper technical details 3 phase current moulds available product size: 3-4 cm, max. 5 cm bottle form only round products da7ycn7li99

  • NAGEMA EU 5 wrapping machine

    No price - Willich, Germany
    • Manufacturer: NAGEMA

    for the wrapping of chocolate coated product such as pralines, mini bars, etc. in double twist wrap incl. feeding line with belt width 400 mm for singling the products into the eu 5, 4 lines ava...

  • SIG DSR Chocolate Wrapper

    No price - Gainsborough, United Kingdom

      there are a number of sig dsr chocolate wrappers available, some are reel/reel fed, or inner from reel and outer from stack. sig dsr automatic wrapping machine for chocolate tablets and bars, in an...

    • Sapal KS Large Chocolate Wrapper

      No price - Gainsborough, United Kingdom

        the sapal ks large chocolate wrapper is an adjustable wrapping machine, with the outer wrap fed from stack, and inner fed from reel. envelope wrap and foil and band can be achieved on this machine....

      • SIG DST Chocolate Tablet Wrapper

        No price - Gainsborough, United Kingdom

          the sig dst is a moulded chocolate tablet wrapper, for plain bars or with inclusions like nuts, or centre filled bars. the dst is a 2-stage wrapping machine for envelope or band wrap styles, both i...

        • 2000 NUOVAFIMA Wrapper for Chocolate Products

          $73,015 - Düsseldorf, Germany
          • Manufacturer: NUOVAFIMA

          nuovafima (chocolate wrapping), yom 2000 technical details max 300 pcs/min 3 phace current needed compressor, air pressure needed (extra) product size packaging small eggs sizes product size: max. ...

        • 1983 NAGEMA VGLA Chocolate Wrapper

          $5,617 - Düsseldorf, Germany
          • Manufacturer: NAGEMA

          chocolate wrapping wachine manufacturer: nagema type: vgla year of manufacture: ca. 1983 product flat bottom only round and square products flat bottom pralines capacity: max. 60 pcs / min 3-phase-...


          No price - Melbourne, Australia
          • Manufacturer: FIMA

          excellent condtion fima sm-p&p multistyle wrapping machine, unit has only run for 9 months in production last used to wrap asymmetrical heart shape chocolate moulds at 350ppm. moulds size are 37mm ...

        • 2002 SIG DTL Chocolate Tablet Wrapper

          $50,549 - Düsseldorf, Germany Recently Added
          • Manufacturer: SIG

          sig dtl chocolate tablet wrapping machine 120 tablets/min (up to 250 pcs/min) tablet 100g: l 158 x w 75,5 x h 10,5 mm 50g: l 124 x w 66,6 x h 6,5 mm manufacturing year unknown, major machine overha...