• John Deere Chuck Wagon

    $1,200 - Winner, SD, USA
    • Manufacturer: John Deere

    inquire about equipment ▼ has a big butch under carriage that is in good shape. we are selling this unit for the value of under carriage.


    $2,212 - Olgiate Olona, Italy

    discovery wagon is an accurate and robust 7 function combination woodworking machine with circular saw, square, thicknesser planer, surface planer, mortising attachment, sawing and tenoning carriag...

  • Weiss Chuck wagon

    No price - Austria
    • Manufacturer: Weiss

    chuck wagon weiss used machine fixing white remote control with cabin help car with 15 meters tracks now available

  • Esterer EHS Chuck wagon

    No price Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Esterer

    chuck wagon esterer ehs help car with tracks daadi

  • 1995 Esterer EHS Chuck wagon

    No price
    • Manufacturer: Esterer

    chuck wagon esterer ehs help car with tracks c9oo2

  • 1999 Pöttinger Boss 1 Supermatic - kleiner leichter Ladewagen im Topzustand

    $10,589 - Burgrieden, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Pöttinger

    here you can see a very well-preserved truck from pöttinger from 1999 - the type boss 1 with supermatic unit. the internal label is 512 mue. it is a small and light truck !!!!! he has done very ...

  • 1994 Claas Sprint 434 K in gutem Zustand mit elektrischer Bedienung

    $8,417 - Burgrieden, Germany
    • Manufacturer: CLAAS

    here you can see a very well-maintained claas truck - the sprint 434 k from 1994. in the momemnt it is not cleaned yet - as soon as we have done, of course, new pictures come into the net .... he...

  • 1994 Krone Titan 6/36 D mit elektrischer Bedienung Dosierwalzen Querför

    $4,417 - Burgrieden, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Krone

    here you can see a full version of the krone titan 6/36 d. he has already worked something and also lackengelgel - but he still works and the unit runs also very quietly !!!! the dismantled metal...

  • 1987 Mengele LAW 400 C Quadro mit hydraulischer Heckklappe

    $8,872 - Burgrieden, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Mengele

    here you see a technically well-received mengele law 400 c quadro series 33 from the year 1987. the car has a few lacquer - but is technically still quite good! the equipment is as follows: tire...

  • 2001 Landsberg Ladeplus 45-5 LP 45-5 - ähnlich wie Pöttinger Ladeprofi 4 !!

    $17,829 - Amtzell, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Landsberg

    here you can see a large and well-maintained landberg truck from 2001 - the type ladeplus 45-5 with the internal type designation 106 mat. the landsberg ladeplus 45-5 is almost like the pöttinger ...