• 2004 1-Kamerreiniger Reigingsmachine wasmachine aluminium

    $9,117 - Deurne, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: 1-Kamerreiniger

    industrial cleaner art: 830 for sale: 1-room cleaner from bankruptcy current status: unknown; not tested. bought up for trade machine name: 1-room cleaner machine code: n-1-311110 this machine is d...

  • Viverk tvättstation för Sajo Paletter

    No price - Värnamo, Sweden

      pump i: 3 bar 100l/min | volume: 1000l | heating: 2x9kw | motor i: 0,25kw | pump ii: 5bar 200l/min | motor ii: 0,09kw

    • Smartwasher smådelstvätt

      No price - Värnamo, Sweden

        tank: 80l | zink: 410x650x200mm | width: 960mm | height: 980mm | length: 720mm | temperature: 40deg c

      • 2000 MEG 2S24/24-P-FF-A Ultraschall-Entfettungsanl.

        No price - Staufenberg, Germany
        • Manufacturer: MEG

        ultrasonic degreasing fabr. meg type 2s24 / 24-p-ff-a built in 2000 with linear conveyors! technical specifications: horizontal path: 1450 mm vertical travel: 900 mm pool size: 285 x 385 x 230 mm s...

      • 1988 Roll RWT/67/48/30/3

        No price
        • Manufacturer: Roll

        roll solvent cleaning system/degreasing system rwt/67/48/30/3 built in 1988 ultrasonic device, charging unit, aermac refrigeration unit batch size: length x width x height 670 x 480 x 300 mm batch ...

      • 1994 Vapor degreasing unit

        No price - North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
        • Manufacturer: EMO

        second-hand emo vapor degreasing unit. tunnel machine with baskets of max. 200kg. capacity max. 1000kg/hour. the line is working with the cleaning compound perchloroethylene (c2cl4) and is still in...

      • 1991 Warthmann Multimat MM7

        No price - Essenbach, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Warthmann

        metal cleaning system for the degreasing of metal parts. detergent tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene, per). with regeneration of the cleaner and cooler. built in 1991, good condition. 7h7f8dbaz

      • 2000 Disse Dissomat 850/1250 V2A Skimmer A3143024

        No price - Essen, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Disse

        industrial washing machine / metal cleaning system completely 32afoerdermenge stainless steel manufacturer dissetyp 850anschluss 400v pump 3-10m / hfoerderhoehe pump 4-5,5barleistung pump 3kwleistu...

      • 1996 PERO D2500

        $8,330 - Baden-Württemberg, Germany Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: PERO

        internal item no.: 16021 parts cleaning system pero d 2500 / 399 serial number: 5250 yf3uez0y bj: 1996 hours of operation: approx. 29,000 hours + operating instructions / manuals + 15 baskets (dime...

      • RFT Dampfentfettungsanlage CLEAN MASTER CM 200-0 NT

        No price - Staufenberg, Germany
        • Manufacturer: RFT Dampfentfettungsanlage

        vapor degreasing fabr. rft cleaning and filter technology type cleanmaster cm 200-0 nt with the control program 60 for rdep s 5100 u price on request. delivery: from stock or locational constraints...