• Cleaving Machine in Romania

    $10,110 - Slimnic, Romania

      buy horizontal axes. 30 tons. very good mood . - translated with google

    • Cleaving Machine in Romania

      No price - Lugoj, Romania

        hydraulic machine of wood split-phase electric motor 7kw, good condition. - translated with google

      • 2011 LASCO Cleaving Machine in Romania

        $5,617 - Satu Mare, Romania
        • Manufacturer: Lasco

        firewood chopper 2011 10 tonne excavator can be mounted on - translated with google

      • 2008 Tajfun Cleaving Machine in Romania

        $11,233 - Tismana, Romania
        • Manufacturer: Tajfun

        urgent sell firewood robber in very good operating brand tajfun 400, accept exchanges. information at tel 0774081607 - translated with google

      • Cleaving Machine in Romania

        $7,852 - Lipova, Romania

          it is a vertical bandsaw band, made in italy, with fire wood table with several box automatically operated for splitting wood, wood transportation belt which crapatorulul based out of the box. we u...

        • 2013 ECG SEC400 Cleaving Machine in Romania

          $16,737 - Cristian, Romania
          • Manufacturer: ECG

          it is very solid and well-built, energy-independent, can be placed anywhere and ready to go in minutes. features: -compact hydraulic: 10000 rpm -hidromotor parker sweden -pump rate 80 cc / s -rez...

        • TAIFUN 400RCA JOY Cleaving Machine in Romania

          $5,617 - Galați, Romania
          • Manufacturer: TAIFUN

          selling car cut, split firewood taifun 400rca joy, good condition, capacity 4-7mc / h, maximum diameter 40cm logs, splitting strength 15tf group table food drive electric motor be driven by tractor...

        • Træhugger with ribbon

          $4,138 - Jelling, Denmark

            finnish firewood machine with band

          • SCK-Rapido 6.4-17S houtkloofmachine kliefmachine

            No price - Kerkwijk, Netherlands
            • Manufacturer: SCK-Rapido

            sck rapido wood splitters honda petrol engine the vandal-proof machine for the demanding user who wants serious wood splitting the super strong splitter with unique double sided gorge system, spl...

          • 1997 BAR-GAR DEBARKER

            No price - Torrent, Spain
            • Manufacturer: BAR-GAR

            maximum word diameter 650mm floating knifes (they adapt to log surface irregularity)