• Liebherr Cnc gear hobbing machine

    $13,078 - Turkey Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Liebherr

    max module : 6 state: good | module +: 6

  • Pfauter PA320 CNC gear hobbing machine (415V)

    No price - Bayswater North, Australia Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Pfauter

    we have a very good used condition, pfauter pa320 cnc gear hobbing machine for sale. this machine is capable of cutting spur and helical gears up to 350mm diameter and with a 3dp pitch.

  • 1986 MODUL ZFWZ 12/16 CNC

    No price - Monheim am Rhein, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Modul

    cnc gear hobbing machine, partly rebuild in 1998 equipped with: - new cnc control siemens sinumerik 840 d with electron. handwheel in 1998 - set of change gears - coolant - outer steady/counterstay...

  • 2004 LIEBHERR LC 80

    No price - Krefeld, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Liebherr
    • Model: LC 80
    • Weight: 10.000 kg

    used liebherr lc 80 cnc gear hobbing machine high-speed gear milling machine - complete dry cutting and skiving also possible. technical specifications. cnc control siemens 840dsl max. workpiece di...

  • 2015 SerWeMa SW WF 3200

    No price - Sachsen bei Ansbach, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: SerWeMa

    ausfuеhrung / details: 6-axis cnc gear hobbing machine for the production of cylindrical gears in the rolling and indexing process. designed for highest performance and accuracy in flexible manufa...

  • 1987 WMW MODUL ZFWZ 250/4

    No price - Krefeld, Germany
    • Manufacturer: WMW Heckert
    • Weight: 5.800 kg

    used wmw module type zfwz 250/4 - cnc gear hobbing machine technical specifications : workspace: largest workpiece diameter: 250mm largest module: 6mm largest axial feed travel: 275mm largest tange...

  • 2002 GLEASON-PFAUTER P1600/2000 Gear Hobbing Machine - Vertical

    No price - Monheim am Rhein, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Pfauter

    max. whеel diameter 2600 mm gear width 800/ 470 mm max. module control sinumerik 840 c x-axis 875 mm z-axis 1000 mm milling spindle speeds (infinitely variable) 18 - 180 u/min turning speed range -...

  • 2008 Gleason Pfauter P 400 CNC Vertical Gear Hobbing Machine

    No price - Marietta, GA
    • Manufacturer: Gleason

    siemens sinumerik 840d cnc control motor with frequency-controlled milling head liquid cooled em ac motor (rated power 17.5 kw -23.5 hp) cutter speed continuously adjustable (80 – 800 rpm) manual t...

  • GLEASON PFAUTER P400 P400H, CNC Horizontal Gear Hobbing Machine. 6 Axis, Rebuilt And Modernized with Siemens Continuous Path Control SINUMERIK 840D

    No price - Statesville, NC
    • Manufacturer: Pfauter
    • Model: P400

    gleason pfauter model p400h, cnc horizontal gear hobbing machine. 6 axis, rebuilt and modernized with siemens continuous path control sinumerik 840d. gleason-pfauter-cnc-horizontal-gear-hobbing-mac...

  • 1968 Schiess RFW10S Horizontal Pinion Hobbing Machine

    No price - United States
    • Manufacturer: Schiess

    max gear diameter (at 200mm cutter root circle diameter) 1400mm/55”, min gear diameter 100mm/4”, max helix angle 45 deg, max module 30 (cast iron), 24 (steel), 12 (worm wheel), max face width 2850m...