• Heraeus BB6220 CU CO2 Incubator

    $2,495 - Golden Valley, MN
    • Manufacturer: Heraeus

    heraeus bb6220 cu co2 incubator. copper lined with copper shelves. 8.5 cu ft. temp range 5 deg c above ambient to 50 deg c. gas tight glass door. air/jacket heating. microprocessor controlled. insi...

  • VWR Symphony Air Jacketed CO2 Incubator 5.3A

    $3,995 - Golden Valley, MN
    • Manufacturer: VWR

    code: 41317982 & 41317981

  • New Brunswick Scientific CO2 Incubator Model CO28IR

    $2,695 - Golden Valley, MN
    • Manufacturer: New Brunswick Scientific

    new brunswick scientific co2 incubator model co228ir click image to see front of incubator triple wall, 21 gallon water jacket* provides superior temperature uniformity. eliminates cold spots preve...

  • Precision Model 5430 Stacked CO2 Incubator

    $995 - Golden Valley, MN
    • Manufacturer: Precision

    precision stacked co2 incubator, 2 units 115v 15a 50/60hz single phase l 28.5" x w 24.5" x h 67" - outside l 16.5" x w 19" x h 27" - inside reurbished and warranteed

  • Thermo Scientific Model 3595 Napco Series 8000 WJ CO2 Incubator

    $3,995 - Golden Valley, MN
    • Manufacturer: Thermo scientific

    code: 314438-164

  • Lab-Line CO2 Incubator Model 490 - Cut Cord

    No price - Mundelein, IL
    • Heraeus HERAcell CO2 Incubator

      $2,199 - San Diego, CA
      • Manufacturer: Heraeus

      heraeus heracell incubator. a co2 and temperature adjustable incubator ideal for use with cell and tissue culture. features contracon 90°c decontamination routine, direct humidification, 150 l (18....

    • Napco 6000 CO2 Incubator

      $2,199 - San Diego, CA
      • Manufacturer: Napco

      the napco 6000 is a dual-chamber water-jacketed co 2 incubator. in addition to precise temperature and humidity adjustments, it features microprocessor control, a digital display, and an infrared s...

    • Forma Scientific 3860 CO2 Incubator

      $2,399 - San Diego, CA
      • Manufacturer: Forma Scientific

      forma scientific 3860202-9157-bsiinv warranty: 30-day money-back guarantee

    • Forma Scientific 3110 CO2 Incubator CO2 Incubator

      $3,599 - San Francisco, CA
      • Manufacturer: Forma Scientific

      water jacketed co2 incubator. thermal conductivity co2 sensor, co2 inlet, hepa filter. item-specific notes: double-stacked incubator. 301-6088-bsiinv