• Solitec 5110 (8mm)

    $7,500 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Solitec

    photoresist coater developer. does not include resist dispense pumps or parts. manual load photoresist spinner. programmed cycle times. acceleration variable from 1,000 to 40,000 rpm/sec. speed adj...

  • Solitec OptiTrac Photoresist Developer

    $25,000 - Freehold Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Solitec

    photoresist developer. cassette to cassette photoresist developer. single spin develop module, 2 bake cool modules. pc controller. small cleanroom footprint. user friendly software.

  • SVG Rite Track 8826-28-36 88 Series Dual Photoresist Coater and Developer

    $35,000 - Freehold Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: SVG Rite Track

    88 series dual track photoresist coater and developer. fully automated system designed to uniformly coat wafers. configuration - track 1: elevator, robot, spinner, robot, hot plate, robot, elevator...

  • IVI Corp. Box Coater

    $16,000 - United States
    • Manufacturer: IVI Corp

    pc controller. crystal deposition rate controller. heater power supply, quartz lamps inside. resistance power supply. inside dimensions: 27 in. l x 27 in. d x 30 in. h. system does not have cryo or...

  • SVG Site Services 8632CTD/8636HPO Developer-Exposure Track

    $21,500 - Freehold Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: SVG Site Services

    developer-exposure track. single track developer configured with 2 elevators, one spinner and one bake. system has an oai 0130-042-20 deep uv. 220 nanometer exposure tower capable of up to 2000w. c...

  • Cee 4500D Photoresist: Coaters - Tracks

    $29,000 - Freehold Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Cee

    cassette to cassette photoresist developer track with hot plate bake and chill. system was used in research environment to process 6 in. sq. substrates. consists of two elevator units, one teflon b...

  • Cee Brewer Science 200CB

    $10,500 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Cee Brewer Science

    photoresist spin coater and hot plate combination tool. features the accuracy and repeatability needed to eliminate processing variability from photoresist and thin film deposition processes. user ...

  • Specialty Coating Systems PDS 2060PC

    $45,000 - United States Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Specialty Coating Systems

    fully tested and ready to ship! video demo available. high capacity parylene conformal coating system. fully automatic vacuum deposition system. designed for precise, consistent conformal coating p...

  • SVG 90S

    $90,000 - United States
    • Manufacturer: SVG

    vapor prime/coat track system. svg model 90s clean track system. 2 coat, 2 vapor prime and 2 develop modules and associated hot and cold bake plates, cybor photoresist pumps. chemical cabinet (d250...

  • Heritage Products Wet Bench

    $7,500 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Heritage Products

    two baths: 8 in. l x 8 in. w x 8 in. h. one quick dump rinse qdr bath: 8 in. l x 8 in. w x 8 in. h. overall dimensions: 42 in. l x 42 in. w x 74 in. h. 115v, 60 hz, 15a. invnumber: 58276