• Painting system

    $37,317 - Veneto, Italy Recently Added

      double painting booth for pre-owned cars with double burner measures 15 meters x 4 meters one part is colored and from another dries hot

    • Oven painting cabin body

      $26,015 - Veneto, Italy Recently Added

        paint brand cabin tuttoforni model-speed ​​economy measures: m7x4x2,80h electric power: 15 kw thermal power: 90/200 kcal choice no need for excavation, side suction, new model, economic series offe...

      • painting facility with oven

        $5,331 - Lazio, Italy Recently Added

          plant powder coating finishing -spray system- the complete larius electrostatic spray gun and oven with carousel (furnace brand is saico). the plant is gas. the gray spray booth measures 3 meters w...

        • 2002 REM Abrasive Finishing System

          No price - United States
          • Manufacturer: REM

          consisting of: vibrochimica model vbt 1400/1 bowl-type vibratory finisher; s/n 10552 74" diameter x 25" deep bowl, with inner and outer burnishing rings, golz sfp-8l pneumatic 9-plate slurry filter...


          No price - Lombardy, Italy Recently Added

            painting plant for soluble paints comprising: a pressurized spray booth water film (3.80 x 4.00 x h 4.20 m) with bath brick capacity 3,500 l + tunnels series of dust withering + paint drying oven a...


            $78,986 - Charlotte, NC
            • Manufacturer: Barberan
            • Elect./Voltage: 480 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph

            elect./voltage: 480 v, 60 cy, 3 ph barberan - flat line roll coat finishing system composed of: -- rotating brush panel cleaner model lpv-1400 ab/rb: feed system is a variable speed vacuum holddown...

          • Abrasive Blast Cabinet

            No price - Bude, United Kingdom Recently Added

              aluminium sand casting foundry and pattern shop lot num: 11 | quantity: 1

            • Land Pride AFM4522 Vertical axis shredder

              No price - Elizabethtown, PA
              • Manufacturer: Land Pride
              • Model: AFM4522

              22 foot tri deck finish mower, hydraulic fold, well maintained, used on sod farm, yearly maintenance includes painting underside of decks and graphite coating to lessen grass sticking to underside ...

            • of Vericiatura facility

              $63,972 - Veneto, Italy Recently Added

                of powder painting system consisting of: n. 110 meters carousel transport pieces, washing line, drying line, n. 1 painting booth robotic powders six guns cam for colored products having suction and...

              • FINITURE IMBS43-32-10-45 + CVR 30-40/T4 + FCM 31/G37GC HANGING PAINTING LINE

                No price - Italy
                • Manufacturer: FINITURE

                monorail hanging conveyor, 43 bars with double carriage dimensions mm. 14000 x 6000 x 4500h n.1 through feed flow-coating for windows dry spray booth