description vertical auger volumetric dispenser for non-sliding powder products such as flours, cocoa, icing sugar, ground spices, fine ground coffee, pre-painted chemicals for construction, ice cream or sorbets...

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        Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy
      • Carle Montanari

            for sale complete cocoa powder processing and packaging line. capacity 3 500 kg / day. on this production line is made from raw cocoa powder processed cocoa powder as follows: - big sugar silo - powdered sugar mi...

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            Helsinki, Finland
          • Technogel Rotary Filling Machine

            • Manufacturer: Technogel

              description: rotary fillers are reliable and efficient automatic machines designed to dispense and package ice-cream into cones, tubs, truffles, tiramisu and a variety of single portion packages. perfect automati...

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              Retford, United Kingdom
            • 2016 Egyéb SJC pendulár tisztító

              • Manufacturer: Egyéb

                description snst 1150 pendulum or circular spindle seed cleanser: cowl or circular, state-of-the-art cleaning machine, fiberglass suspended wardrobe. suitable for cleaning and grading the following crops and ma...

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              • NAGEMA 912/3 chocolate production plant

                • Manufacturer: Nagema

                  output 850 kg/h up to 1.200 kg/h, depending on kind of chocolate consisting of: 1 x silo for crystal sugar, 7 to * with set of transporting buckets and snails 3 x containers for powdery raw materials - powder ...

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                  Willich, Germany
                • Vacuum Loader

                      vacuum loader system previously used to deliver cocoa powder (2 x 25kg bags at a time) into the hopper of an auger filler (auger filler not included),unit is pneumatic.

                      Auckland, New Zealand