• 2017 Profi Pro 54

    • Manufacturer: Kesla
    • Hours: 0

    profi 54's maximum progress-friendly pmc control and remote service system is a worldwide innovation. familiarize yourself with this top feature! you will immediately realize its benefits. even though you woul...

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  • 2017 Hakki Pilke HakkiPilke Easy 50PTO Tüzifa-automata

    • Manufacturer: Hakki pilke

      description hakki pilke easy 50 high-performance firewood automation is the professional equipment of the leading finnish manufacturer of maaselän kone oy. one cubic meter of firewood can be produced only by sev...

    • Masterbatch Feeders [Movacolor]

          the mc18 synchronic volumetric in-line dosing unit is suitable for injection molding and extrusion. the dosing system adds precise percentages of masterbatch, powder and regrind at the throat of an injection mold...

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          Dandenong, Australia
        • Masterbatch Feeders [Movacolor]

              as a plastic producing company you want to be in control of the production process in injection molding or extrusion. the volumetric mc30 in-line dosing unit offers you such control when it comes to coloring the ...

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              Dandenong, Australia
            • 1983 Viani ST 350

              • Manufacturer: Viani

                for sale here is a ploughshare mixers viani st 350. lödige is identical as the ploughshare mixers of the company. the ploughshare mixer arms are the only difference. it has 4 blades cutting heads also, he has 3 a...

                North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany