• DBM Corp CNG-70/140

    No price - Lake Mary, FL

      dbm corp cng-70/140 details dbm corp cng-70/140the cng-70/140 is a fully automated test instrument that sets and maintains a highly accurate ratio between a user-supplied carrier and i...

    • DBM Corp CNG-1-800/2700

      No price - Lake Mary, FL

        dbm corp cng-1-800/2700 details dbm corp cng-1-800/2700the new cng-1-800/2700 covers  800 to 2700 mhz, with the same accuracy as our 70/140 mhz units! in the cng-1-800/2700, noise gene...

      • Wavetek 1001A

        No price - Lake Mary, FL
        • Manufacturer: Wavetek

        wavetek 1001a details wavetek 1001athe 1001a sweep generator covers from 0.5 to 300mhz. sweep width from 200khz to 300mhz. maximum output of +13 dbm. harmonics of 30 db below output; spurious ...

      • Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent)

        $12,298 - United States Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Agilent

        keysight technologies (formerly agilent) u9391f 10mhz-50ghz comb generator/fff-2.4mm(f) output connector (used) product code: kt-u9391f/fff_er0

      • Keysight-Agilent 8406A

        No price - Lake Mary, FL
        • Manufacturer: Agilent

        keysight-agilent 8406a details keysight-agilent 8406afrequency comb generator 5 ghz

      • ETS Lindgren EMCO 4630B REFRAD Reference Radiator 1GHz EMC Receiver

        No price - Elgin, IL
        • Manufacturer: Radiator Supply House

        ets lindgren emco 4630b features: plug in power supply, 9v dc, 50 ma frequency range: 10 khz to 1 ghz temperature range: +5 degrees to +30 degrees this version does not include the remote control u...

      • Keysight Agilent HP 86222B 2.4 GHz Sweep Oscillator Plug-In

        No price - Elgin, IL
        • Manufacturer: Agilent

        keysight agilent hp 86222b features: provides cw or continuous swept 10mhz to 2.4ghz frequency coverage. power output is calibrated from 0 to +13 dbm in 1 db increments with ±0.25 db flatness and e...

      • Amplifier Research NE3000

        No price - Lake Mary, FL
        • Manufacturer: Amplifier Research

        amplifier research ne3000 details amplifier research ne3000the model ne3000 comparison noise emitter is a broadband noise source, which can be used as a reference standard for comparison of di...

      • Teseq Schaffner KSQ1001

        No price - Lake Mary, FL

          teseq schaffner ksq1001 details teseq schaffner ksq1001base frequency: 30 mhz max frequency: 1 ghz compact spherical reference radiation source for the transfer of ‘interference field streng...

        • 2016 Mercedes-Benz V 250 d EAV / L

          $59,929 - Bocholt, Germany
          • Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz
          • Mileage: 3,225 km

          distronic plus comand online 7g-tronic plus led intelligent light system klimatisierungsautomatik thermotronic park-paket mit 360 grad-kamera amg zierelemente amg abrisskante auf heckklappe burmest...