• 2017 TEKNAMOTOR Skorpion 250 SDT Wood chipper

    No price - Ostrowiec, Poland
    • Manufacturer: Yanmar

    the skorpion 250 sdt chipper is a great choice for both municipal and road companies as well as for forestry companies. because of its high processing capacity (the maximum diameter of the cut bran...

  • 2002 NOLTING NRK 602

    $26,700 - Moscow, Russia
    • Manufacturer: NOLTING

    in stock: in the short term, from location | woodfuel: wood chips / sawdust | combustion system: with lower fuel feed recoverer | willingness to work: removed / in storage | heated by means of ......

  • Heating installation DANSTOKER MULTIMISER 13

    $40,050 - Moscow, Russia

      kamin: yes | in stock: in the short term, from location | woodfuel: sawdust and wood chips | other fuel: öl | wood element: yes | exhaust gas fan: yes | hopper emptying: yes | smoke extractor: yes...

    • Azeus Single Inlet Wood Crusher

      No price - Zhengzhou Shi, China
      • Manufacturer: Azeus

      the wood crusher is usually used for processing fiber materials such as pine, miscellaneous wood, poplar, fir, branches, thatch, straw and etc. it is widely applied in variety of industries includi...

    • 2017 Japa Japa 305 BE Plus

      $10,449 - Ruovesi, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Japa

      safe and easy to use machine is especially suitable for family houses and kesämökkikäyttöön.katkaisu takes place in a fast and lightly-a chain saw with a blade that rotates only sawing. the hydraul...

    • Texas power split

      $1,003 - Joensuu, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Texas

      pipe dream cottage owner, combustion-engine-driven pystyhalkomakone. 5hp gasoline w. easy to move when the wheels.

    • Japa JAPA235BE

      $4,266 - Kuopio, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Japa

      split from the tree max. diameter 23cm maximum splitting length 33cm weight 260kg splitting 3t a discharge chute length 1m internal combustion engine 6,5hv

    • ZBP KALIBER 30 Briquetting press (#ZBP KALIBER 30)

      No price - Zuzenhausen, Germany
      • Manufacturer: ZERMA

      the zerma briquetting press type zbp 30 kaliber produced 30 mm briquettes. the briquettes are ideal for combustion in wood gasifiers and smaller chips boilers / heating systems. any material of a w...

    • Japa 110 TRHN

      $2,351 - Ylivieska, Finland Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Japa

      for sale new japa 110 hydraulihalkaisija. japa110 an instant performs the trees that are almost impossible to split with an ax, for example. japa®110 hydraulihalkaisijalla tree cleavage work goes s...

    • 2017 Forest Cam Pro Plus 1042 ja126Hd

      $16,009 - Kauhajoki, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Nokka

      the cam forest pro atv series adds a completely new impetus atv usability of machines to be connected. metsäperävaunu package is quickly switched atv or any vehicle equipped with a trailer hitch. f...