• 1988 Primultini 1300 CGA CEB Block band sawmill

    No price - Italy
    • Manufacturer: Primultini

    hydraulic log bandsaw/ plant primultini 1300 sga-ceb-mudata ieb, designed for a log length of 8 meter, but through lengthening of the rails also 10 meter possible headrig primultini mod. 1300 sga ...

  • 1999 Primultini Primultini 1300 CFF Complete sawmill for hardwoods, Primulti

    $118,107 - Hungary Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Primultini

    complete sawmill implantation for hardwoods, mainly used for cutting oak, beech, ash, walnut, cherry and acacia. the sawmill is made up of: sawmill model primultini 1300, digitally shims. the ta...

  • Esterer S71/Hhe Saw gates

    $4,317 - Hesse, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Esterer

    saw gates with roller hydraulic and electric feed adjustment, quick clamping cars including trackage. . the gate has a torn arm on the selected image. the spare part list including all documents av...

  • 1979 PRIMULTINI 1300 SG-CFD log band saw, plant cmplete

    $42,948 - Italy Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: PRIMULTINI

    saw mill plant primultini typе: sg-cfd the system is designed for log diameter: just over 0.9m and currently for a trunk length: up to 8.0m. can however be extended by track extension: up to 11.0m...

  • 1997 MOEHRINGER ES75 mit Multi-BV Framesaw

    No price - Bern, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: MOEHRINGER

    complete full gate facility comprising moehringer es75 multimedia bv: (for detailed description, see attached .pdf) -hydraulic master and model depositors (stme) -hinged and movable control cabin ...

  • 2005 HBS HBS 840-44 Bark shredder

    No price - Sweden
    • Manufacturer: HBS

    bark shredder hbs, 44 knives, tor 55 kw, capacity up to 70 m3/h cu9igwye

  • 2005 Esterer HDN 600 Saleh gate system

    No price - Stockheim, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Esterer

    saleh gate plant hdn 600, 1976/2005. forward of max 70 cm, vorschubgeschw. up to 16 m/min. water cooled guides, including thoeres saws tensioner with hydr. chuck wagon and help car fabr. white cdo9...

  • 1995 AKE Ericsson AKE EBL 1400 Bandsawline

    No price - Estonia
    • Manufacturer: AKE Ericsson

    reducer bandsawline with roundfeed - full loginfeed, debarker cambio 66, reducer kockum 244-12, twin bandsaw ake, conveyorsystem for halfcant roundfeed, chipperedger kockum 515, outfeed, manual sta...

  • 1977 Esterer LSH 65 Gate system

    No price - Austria
    • Manufacturer: Esterer

    gate system of completely saleh lsh 65 year of construction: 1977 description: gate plant complete with clamping cars white with track with frame esterer lsh 65 with riving knife with roller roll ...

  • 1978 PRIMULTINI 1100 SE-CEA-MUDATA log band saw

    No price - Italy
    • Manufacturer: PRIMULTINI

    bandsaw plant primultini 1100 se-cea-mudata mtr23o technical description: suitable for:log diameter: min. 200 mm - max. 900mm log length: min. 1000 mm - max. 10,000mm working height: 1200mm from fl...