• Complete workshop

    No price - Varaždin, Croatia

      the whole production with material for the production of aluminium doors and windows - cnc plasma and oxy fuel cutting machine ajan - double end tenoner tekna - various processing machinery )weldin...

    • TOS models Package of gear machines Pfauter, WMW

      $25,274 - Zagreb, Croatia Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Pfauter

      gear hobber (small, like rs1) gear hobbing pfauter 1000 mm table gear hobbing tos of 71 gear hobbing tos ofa 16 a gear-hob cutter - sharpener wmw swfw 250 all machines are complete, in working cond...

    • Martin T73 Atlantic, Martin T43 ... / top Zustand complete joinery equipment Koelle F45, Kuendig uniq, Ott

      No price - Aalen, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Koelle

      complete joinery equipment all machines in very good condition in operation until end of 2016 01 sliding table saw martin t73 automatic year of constr. 2005 02 tilting spindle moulder kÖlle f 45 ye...

    • 2011 Manufacturing drumstick machines drumsticks

      $132,300 - Arroyo de la Encomienda, Spain
      • Manufacturer: Manufacturing drumstick

      drumstick around tormadex, vacuum cleaner lombarte chip, sander hempel, crane 1 tn, sharpening knives tormadex, kuuper work bench, and lockers polishing work and hype ckc8zgm7vpl

    • 1997 Robland und diverse T120 Combined machines

      $5,504 - Bützow, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Robland

      it is a complete equipment for window construction (system selecta), wood milling machines with feeder (robland), table saw, stand drills etc. for sale. all machines should be sold if possible tota...

    • 2007 ASMAG Presswerk / Zieherei fuer Rohre und Profi  Drawing machine pickling leveler

      No price - Kirchhundem, Germany
      • Manufacturer: ASMAG

      asmag tubes and profiles of brass copper and bronze electrolytic pickling line for bars profile pull machine / drawbench / 3 times train. 3 t sz -40-60 year: 2003 processing of rods in 25 mm to 63 ...

    • 1990 Kuper Kuper Door production

      $84,672 - Kežmarok, Slovakia
      • Manufacturer: Kuper

      i sell the complete door production company - mostly machines after general recondition in kuper. list of machines saw automat scheer fm10-4200 edge bander mortiser keid double end profiler 3000mm ...

    • 1994 Weinmann Prefabricated house system

      No price - Frankfurt, Germany Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Weinmann

      for sale is a complete production line (company weinmann) for the production of prefabricated houses in wood panel construction. productivity is located in multi-shift operation at 150 houses (livi...

    • 1981 Grama/ Flooring line for solid wood

      No price - Albertslund, Denmark
      • Manufacturer: Grama/

      complete line for production of wooden floors - for real craftsmanship grama planer with feeder trimming and sorting line with end tongue and grove fraisers ftljhazz3iv

    • 2001 Grecon REX MINDA Leimbinderwerk Glue Binder

      No price - Riga, Latvia
      • Manufacturer: Binder

      glue binder factory -minda with vacuum stackers -grecon 3000 opticut -grecon kz -grecon press -rex home -glue job -press up to 27 meters. hydraulic/mechanical -rex home -extraction