• 2015 SHW UniSpeed 6T

    • Manufacturer: SHW

      x-travel 3000 mm y-travel 1300 mm z-travel 1300 mm control siemens 840 d sl operate condition sehr gepflegt feed and rapid travel range infinitely y + z-axis 2-30000 mm/min universal head in orthogonaler bauweise...

      No price
      Weener, Germany
    • 2002 MTorres TorresMill MGP-51500-TT + TorresTool CNC Double Column Miller

      • Manufacturer: Miller

        mtorres torresmill router 5-axis gantry routing & drilling machine. designed for high speed milling and drilling of aircraft structural components. applications include net trimming and drilling of compound conto...

        No price
      • Scm group Author 924 Morbidelli modular automatic drilling machine mod

        • Manufacturer: SCM

          technical data: - axis working area "x", "y": 3,600 x 1,600 mm - axis travel "x", "y": 3,630 x 672 mm - axis travel "z"; 115 mm - n. 2 belt conveyors with adjustable speed depending on the size of the panel - s...

          No price
        • 2009 Otto Martin Maschinenbau GmbH T12

          • Manufacturer: Martin

            machine base: modern composite frame , weight: 1300 kg, table size: 1050 x 750 x 95 mm, table openings: 255 / 205 / 161 / 106 / 74 mm ø, - control panel at eye level, can be folded away, ergonomically tilted - po...

            $19,829 (USD)
          • 2005 MECAL MC 304 CNC ROUTER (4-AXIS) [RC-010008]

            • Manufacturer: MECAL

              mecal 304 ariel-3mmi/4 axis heavy duty 4-axis machining center; 4-axis cnc router for processing composites, aluminum, and wood bar rails that require multi-axis contour motion, drilling & routing functions.speci...

              $149,900 (USD)
              United States
            • 2003 OKUMA MCR-B11 5-AXIS CNC ROUTER (DUAL HEAD) [RA-010183]

              • Manufacturer: Okuma

                okuma mcr-b11, ...3, 4, & 5-axis cnc router; enclosed machine built for high speed and precision; routing, sizing, milling, trimming, and surfacing of composites, themoformed plastic component parts, aluminum, an...

                $629,900 (USD)
                United States
              • 2003 CMS PK 4800-TUCU 5-AXIS CNC ROUTER [RA-010206]

                • Manufacturer: CMS

                  ã‚â³cms pk 4800 tucu 5-axis cnc router with tool changer;a very versatile 5-axis cnc machine for routing, sizing, milling, triming & boring of composite or wood parts. -- steel bar table with threaded holes for ...

                  $68,900 (USD)
                  United States
                • 2005 CMS AVANT 1B/770 RX4 5-AXIS CNC ROUTER [RA-010155]

                  • Manufacturer: Avant

                    cms avant 1b/770 heavy duty 5-axis machining center. 5-axis cnc router for processing composites, aluminum, and wood bar rails that require multi-axis contour motion, and angled drilling & routing functions.speci...

                    $192,942 (USD)
                  • 2012 MULTIAX P 115-3016 5-AXIS CNC ROUTER [RA-010162]

                    • Manufacturer: MULTIAX

                      multiax p 115-3016 heavy duty 5-axis cnc machine; ideal for high speed and precision routing/sizing/milling/triming & surfacing of wood & composite parts, as well as machining light alloys. -- matric phenolic ta...

                      $189,800 (USD)
                      United States
                    • 1999 CMS PF 4C4 TUCU 5-AXIS CNC ROUTER [RA-010202]

                      • Manufacturer: Fast

                        cms pf 4c4 tucu, 5-axis machine built for high speed and precision routing/sizing/milling/triming and surfacing of wood, composites, themoformed plastic component parts. chairs, gunstocks, etc. -- (2) 72" x 85" ...

                        $148,166 (USD)

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