• Savant DNA110 SpeedVac Concentrator

    $1,500 - Hayward, CA

      savant dna110 speedvac concentrator offers quick drying of small-volume dna/rna samples diaphragm pump: 36l/min rotor: rd24, accommodates 24 1.5-2.0ml microcentrifuge tubes can be custom configured...

    • Savant SPD111V SpeedVac Concentrator

      $2,500 - Hayward, CA

        can be custom configured with your choice of vacuum pump and cold-trap two timers: 1-minute to 9 hours and 59 minutes, continuous adjustable temperature from 35°c to 80°c in 5°c step digital display

      • Savant SPD1010 SpeedVac Concentrator

        $6,500 - United States

          savant spd1010 speedvac concentrator refrigerated trap volume: 4 liter vacuum control: 30 to 5.1 torr in 0.1 increments refrigerated trap temperature: -50°c rotor: savant rh40-12; 40 positions for ...

        • Thermo Fisher Scientific SPD121P SpeedVac Concentrator

          $2,399 - San Diego, CA
          • Manufacturer: Thermo

          thermo fisher scientific spd121p speedvac concentrator202-9001-bsiinv

        • Savant SVC100H Concentrator

          $599 - San Diego, CA
          • Manufacturer: Savant

          savant speedvac concentrator svc-100h.301-5038-bsiinv

        • Savant SC110A-120

          $2,499 - San Diego, CA
          • Manufacturer: Savant

          the savant sc110a speedvac is high performance solute concentrator for various dna, chromatography, and assay preparation. the 60 hz unit reaches a maximum rpm of 1675, and the 50 hz unit reaches 1...

        • Thermo-Savant SC 250DDA

          $3,493 - San Diego, CA
          • Manufacturer: Thermo

          the sc250dda concentrator is the equipment of choice for use in combinatorial drug discovery due to its outstanding solvent compatibility. it is the heart of the new speedvac dda product line. the ...

        • Savant AES1010-120 56954

          $2,500 - Freehold Township, NJ
          • Manufacturer: Savant

          speedvac® concentrator. highest level of solvent recovery and system reliability. ultra low temperature vapor trap with cfc free refrigerent. dual timers to control drying time and drying rate. 120...

        • Savant SpeedVac Concentrator Centrifuge System

          No price - San Diego, CA Recently Added
          • Manufacturer: Savant

          this speedvac concentrator, basic molecular biology model is in excellent condition. thermo’s savant ‘spd-series’ speedvac® concentrators are ideal for the concentration or drying of biological an...

        • Thermo Savant Discovery 220 Speedvac Concentrator Centrifuge

          $4,900 - San Diego, CA
          • Manufacturer: Thermo scientific

          this machine is in excellent condition and was tested.  this instrument comes with a bosch modular cabinet and a manual. the thermo savant discovery 220 speedvac concentrator centrifuge is listed f...