• WEINGARTEN VU 500.28.45--502

    No price - Eislingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Weingarten
    • Stroke: 450 mm

    stroke: 450 mm | pressure: 500 t | ram surface: 2750 x 1800 mm | no. of strokes: 14 hub/min | ram adjustment: 500 mm | type of control: conventional | type of machine: crank press - double column ...

  • 1960 Weingarten VK500.24.40 500T Double Column Crank Press

    No price
    • Manufacturer: Weingarten

    pressure 0500 t distance between columns 2400 mm stroke fix 400 mm no. of strokes 13 - 23 hub/min max. distance table - ram 1600 mm table surface area 2300 x 1800 mm column travel -side 1600 mm ram...

  • Erfurt PE-2U-315 ES 315T Double Crank Single Action

    No price
    • Manufacturer: Erfurt

    ram stroke 400mm shut height 900mm spm 32 moving (l/r) bolster area 2500*1450mm ram area 2500*1450mm ram adjustment 320mm distance between columns 2500mm die cushion stroke 160mm die cushion capaci...

  • Seyi SNS2 Straight Side Double Crank Press

    No price - Ontario, Canada

      model: sns2 sns2 series is a two point, straight side press with a fabricated, unitized frame designed to offer an optimized solution for minimal deflection to achieve high precision stamping. the...