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  • CRYOGENICS Cryo-Med LL-450 Liquid Level Control

        Cryogenics cryo-med ll-450 liquid level control with racks

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        East Lyme, CT, USA
      • Taylor Wharton 35 VHC Cryogenic Refrigerator

        • Manufacturer: Taylor

          Taylor wharton 35 vhc cryogenic refrigerator

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          East Lyme, CT, USA
        • CTI Cryogenics CT 8 O43X001

          • Manufacturer: CTI

            Refurbished in 2010 by fmg.  we fired up this cryo and verified its performance - 12.2k was reached in about 3 hours, with a base pressure of 1.9e-7 torr.

            $3,449 (USD)
            Leander, TX, USA
          • Ulvac Cryogenics RS-10 O14P010

            • Manufacturer: Major

              This refrigerator unit was pulled from a working assembly that was being decommissioned, but was not tested separately after removal as we do not have the resources to do so. refrigerator unit assembly

              $1,220 (USD)
              Leander, TX, USA
            • Cryogenic Purifier 14395

                  14395 cryogenic purifier applied photonics c-5000 cryogenic purifier s/n: c5-53-062687

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                  San Diego, CA, USA
                • THERMO REVCO ULT7150-9 Cryogenic Chest Freezer Cryogen

                  • Manufacturer: Thermo

                    Thermo revco ult7150-9-d cryogenic chest freezer condition: excellent warranty: 90 days price: $7,999 cryogenic temper ...

                    $7,999 (USD)
                    Manchester, CT, USA
                  • Cryogenic Associates High Vacuum Container R-141212-75

                    • Manufacturer: Cryogenic Associates

                      Cryogenic associates r-141212-75 high vacuum test chamber 2.75 inch port, 1.75 inch window. 3.75 w x 4.50 d x 8.25 h

                      $600 (USD)
                      Ventura, CA, USA
                    • APD Cryogenics HC-2DR Helium Compressor Module Water Cooled SK11397A186

                      • Manufacturer: APD Cryogenics

                        Apd cryogenics hc-2d helium compressor module water cooled 208-230/200 vac sk11397a186 apd cryogenics / air products model number: hc-2dr series number: hc-2 part number: sk11397a186 208-230/200 volts, 1 phase, 6...

                        $1,200 (USD)
                        Ventura, CA, USA
                      • CTI Balzers Cryo-Torr 8 Cryogenic Pump

                        • Manufacturer: CTI

                          New in box, cti cryogenic pump, ansi flange, pumping speed for water vapor is 4,000 liters/sec, for air is 1,500 liters/sec, hydrogen 2,500 liters/sec, argon 1,200 liters/sec, argon throughput 700 scc/min-9torr l...

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                          Mountain View, CA, USA
                        • Thermo Forma 7400

                          • Manufacturer: Thermo

                            Thermo electrons cryoplus series provides the perfect combination of liquid nitrogen storage reliability and microprocessor technology.  inventory systems of racks, canisters, and frames are available for optimum...

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                            Gaithersburg, MD, USA