• OVLAC Ploughs & Cultivation Equipment

        m large are pleased to announce that they are official supplier to ireland both north and south for the full range ovlac ploughs and cultivation equipment. ovlac is spain’s leading manufacturer of the highest qu...

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        Antrim, United Kingdom
      • Lemken PLOUGH

        • Manufacturer: LEMKEN

          4 furrow reversibleslatted bodies opal x 120auto reset

          England, United Kingdom
        • Dowdeswell DP7D2 4 furrow plough

          • Manufacturer: Dowdeswell

            hyd front furrow width, rear disc, land wheels wholegood number: 11012695

            Church Stoke, United Kingdom

                as the official supplier, m. large will be displaying some of the new range of ovlac ploughs and cultivation equipment at the ploughing demo day on thursday 27th april, 2017. from 12 -9pm, on land kindly granted...

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                Antrim, United Kingdom
              • NEW Ovlac CH -11 chisel plough

                    new ovlac ch -11 chisel plough 3 meter working width 2 row of solid spring release legs side adjustable depth wheels ideal for heavy duty after harvest cultivation. 2016 special offer - £5,550.00 plus vat v...

                    Antrim, United Kingdom
                  • 2017 KOJA POZ-594, soil preparation / cultivation machinery plough

                        number of frames (sections), by units: 5 features / equipment: mounted,leaf springs,hydraulic folding,warranty

                        Medininkai, Lithuania
                      • 2016 KOJA POZ-394, soil preparation / cultivation machinery plough

                            su gamintojo garantija. atliekame garantinį ir pogarantinį remontą yra galimybė pridėti 4 korpusą reguliuojamas vagos plotis nuo 30 iki 50 cm linginis palaikymas svoris - 650 kg atstumas tarp korpusų - 94 cm darb...

                            Medininkai, Lithuania
                          • 1996 KVERNELAND A3, soil preparation / cultivation machinery reversible plough

                            • Manufacturer: Kverneland

                              vehicle condition: used kverneland 4 korpusų plūgas su kamporaižiais su ratu linginė apsauga

                              Medininkai, Lithuania
                            • $1,723
                              England, United Kingdom
                            • 2016 AGRO-MASZ POH 4+1, soil preparation / cultivation machinery reversible plough

                              • Manufacturer: Agro-Masz

                                features / equipment: mounted,warranty agro-masz 5 korpusų apverčiamas plūgas su hidrauline apsauga. 5-asis atkabinamas korpusas kverneland tipo korpusai noragai ir kamparaižiai agro-masz plūgai gali būti komplek...

                                Medininkai, Lithuania