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  • CW 2000 Key International

    • Manufacturer: International

      Key international ultra balance electronic checkweigher cw 2000 is in excellent condition

      No price
      Farmingdale, NY, USA
    • Barry Blower 402 ESI Cw

      • Manufacturer: Barry Blower
        $2,950 (USD)
        Woodruff, SC, USA
      • Agilent-Keysight-Hp 83711A Synthesized CW Generator

        • Manufacturer: Agilent

          -->--> synthesized cw generator 1 to 20 ghz the hp 83711a/12a and hp 83711b/12b synthesized cw generators have different frequency ranges. the ...

          $9,995 (USD)
          Lake Mary, FL, USA
        • Agilent/HP 83712B Synthesized CW Generator

          • Manufacturer: Agilent

            Many of our items include free shipping within the usa secured with our double-walled boxes and instapak foam packing to ensure your ...

            $8,800 (USD)
            Lake Mary, FL, USA
          • Anritsu Wiltron 69059A 10MHz-26.5GHz CW

            • Manufacturer: Anritsu
            • Power: +13 dBm

            Anritsu wiltron 69059a 10mhz-26.5ghz cw generator condition: used the 69000a/ 68000b synthesized cw generators feature 10 mhz to 65 ghz frequency coverage. cw or steo sweep,low ssb phase noise and spurious signal...

            $7,995 (USD)
            United States
          • HP 53152A 46GHz CW Microwave Frequency

                Hp 53152a 46ghz cw microwave frequency counter w/ opt 001 condition: used ultra-wideband, single input from 50 mhz to 46 ghz simultaneous frequency and power measurement with analog peaking indicator rugged, ligh...

                $9,850 (USD)
                United States
              • NEW YORK BLOWER 2410S-CW-UB 106925

                • Manufacturer: York
                • HP: 30

                Finisher #2 outlet air blower; built in 2013; pressure blower; 0.06 lb/ft3 density; suction temp 194 f.; 38.8" wg total head; mild steel;

                No price
                La Porte, TX, USA
              • NEW YORK BLOWER 35012-CW-UB 106978

                • Manufacturer: NEW YORK BLOWER
                • HP: 125

                Flue gas recirculation blower b; hp pressure blower; 4972 acfm 0.032 lb/cf density; -30"wg suction pressure; 680 f suction temp.; 44.5"wg total head; 3550 rpm fan speed; 950x impeller material;

                No price
                La Porte, TX, USA
              • 2007 Conveyor Technologies CWS-1.5M-3-2349

                • Manufacturer: Conveyor Technologies

                  Work station 59" conveyor track length 3 stage conveyor stage 1: 19.5" stage 2: 19.5" stage 3: 19.5" crank width adjust to min: 2" max: 17" omron cj1m plc 90 day parts warranty

                  No price
                  Rushford, MN, USA
                • ANRITSU 68047C 20 GHz Synthesized CW Signal Generator

                  • Manufacturer: Anritsu

                    The anritsu 68047c 20 ghz synthesized cw signal generator provides accurate outputs over a wide frequency and power range for local oscillator duty and other cw applications. features; broad frequency coverage in...

                    $10,000 (USD)
                    Hamilton Township, NJ, USA