• Dionex ICS-3000 SP Integral Sample Preparer

    $1,450 - Lutz, FL, USA
    • Manufacturer: Dionex

    dynamic tech-source [listing description - item details] item: dionex ics-3000 sp integral sample preparer condition/details: good working dionex integral sample preparer. comes with power and data...

  • ANRITSU MP1632C 3.2 GHz Digital Data Analyzer

    $5,000 - Hamilton Township, NJ, USA
    • Manufacturer: Anritsu

    the anritsu mp1632c 3.2 ghz digital data analyzer realizes a compact solution that incorporates former measuring equipment (mp1652a pulse pattern generator and mp1653a error detector) into a case. ...

  • AGILENT E4861A Data Generator/Analyzer Module, VXI

    $2,000 - Hamilton Township, NJ, USA
    • Manufacturer: Agilent

    the agilent e4861a data module (vxi). maximum data rate: 3.35 gb/s. front end slots per module: 2. memory depth per channel: up to 16 mb. segments prbs, prws: user defined patterns and prbs 2^n -1,...

  • ASTRO-MED DASH8HF Data Acquisition Recorder

    $6,995 - Lake Mary, FL, USA

      -->--> astro-med dash8hf data acquisition recorder the dash is a powerful and versatile data acquisition recording system that provides the ca ...

    • Pall Micro-24

      $6,890 - Cridersville, OH, USA
      • Manufacturer: Pall

      this product is in excellent cosmetic condition, but it will require software to perform data analysis and application.

    • BMG Labtechnologies RUBYstar

      $970 - Cridersville, OH, USA
      • Manufacturer: BMG Labtechnologies

      this instrument was powered on, but not additional testing was performed. the rubystar passed an inspection by nls technicians and will require software to operate and perform data analysis.

    • Roche Cobas Taqman-96

      $4,120 - Cridersville, OH, USA
      • Manufacturer: Roche

      this instrument is in excellent cosmetic condition and has passed initialization. unfortunately, new life scientific does not have the software for data analysis and full system control.

    • Luminex MAGPIX

      $6,580 - Cridersville, OH, USA
      • Manufacturer: Luminex

      this product was confirmed to power on. the customer will need to purchase the controlling and data analysis software from the manufacturer. this instrument is in good cosmetic condition; however, ...

    • Amersham BioProcess Engineering System

      $7,280 - Cridersville, OH, USA
      • Manufacturer: Amersham

      this instrument has some visible wear that is a result of age and consistent use. unicorn 5.3 software (or a new version) is required to control and perform data analysis. the approximate cost is l...

    • Tecan LS Reloaded

      $2,710 - Cridersville, OH, USA
      • Manufacturer: Tecan

      this instrument is in good cosmetic condition and requires drivers to use the included controlling and data analysis software. please note that the right side of the door is slightly ajar which was...