• 1991 KHS BMS-EP-103-T-2000 / BMS-AP-105-T-2000

    No price - Burgwald, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Crown

    complete filling line for beer 1)bottle-washingmachine khs with 39 bottles in a row one-end machine completley stainless steel 2)filling- and closing machine h&k/khs with 88 filling valves and 20 h...

  • Market gardening : table de décharge - Palettiseur

    $3,030 - Tincques, France
    • Manufacturer: table de décharge - Palettiseur

    palletizer - 450kgs capacity - table size: 180x90cm (height adjustable) - protected side of the carpet - size plastic bins: 100x120x80 delivery possible


    No price - Molina de Segura, Spain
    • Manufacturer: TEPAL

    depalletizer auto glass jars. measures max height of 1500 mm pallets

  • 2003 Kettner-Krones Pressant Uni 1N

    No price - Molina de Segura, Spain
    • Manufacturer: Krones

    depalletizer for glass bottle   plc: allen & branley -palets conveyors in stainless steel -magazine for empty pallets -depalletizer table with plastic chain -safety fences the universal pressant i...

  • 2007 Kolbus Publica KM 411.C QW94338

    No price - Aachen, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Kolbus

    status: in production | stacker: type: rima xrs 130 year: 2007 | perfect binder: year: 2007 number of clamps: 30 infeed incl. coupling to a zu gathering milling station 2. milling station equalize...

  • 2002 SIDEL SBO6 Combi Filling line

    No price - Blackburn, United Kingdom
    • Manufacturer: SIDEL

    a complete bottling, filling and packing line composed of : * sidel sbo 6 combi reheat stretch blow moulding machine output capacity : 9,000 bph with preform loader and de-duster * alsim rg-p45 gra...

  • Filling Plants + more make Krones, for 24.000 bph

    No price - Geroda, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Krones

    make krones, for 24.000 bph by 0,5 lt bottles, adjust to 0,5 lt nrw and euro-bottles as too 0,7 lt gdb-bottles, consisting of: - pressureless bottle combination, make krones, type: glideliner, with...

  • FUJI PALLETIZING ROBOTS FOR 50 AND 100 KG BAGS (3) Ace Robot EC-201 Hand gripper 100kg 50kg (includes

    No price - Southern Asia
    • Manufacturer: Fuji

    (3) used palletizing robots fuji ace robot ec-201 hand gripper for 100kg bags hand gripper for 50kg bags (includes palletizing. software, control panel, teaching box) (3) unused de-palletizing rob...

  • GOSS Universal 70 (3) Tower Heastset Web Press

    No price - Elk Grove Village, IL
    • Manufacturer: Goss

    45.5” cut off (578mm) x 38" width (965mm) features: two u70 presses set up as a and b lines. - two ink forms - metering rollers - 37.5” web - 45.5” cut off - 70,000/35000 copies/hour max - units 9-...