• Winkler Columbus Variomat C 520 Deck Oven

    No price - Saxony, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Winkler

    oven with 5 flocks 1200 x 1600 mm stainless steel manually with elco vectron oil burner air conditioning with stainless steel cart and puller connection 400v for self-removal dakix

  • Werner & Pfleiderer Matador MK Deck Oven

    No price - Hesse, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Werner & Pfleiderer

    deck oven werner & pfleiderer model: matador - with 4 burners - manual control - with white main oil burner - fermentation chamber, - with setting trolley with puller to self-degradation cqibx

  • MIWE IDEAL 700/6 Multideck ovens

    No price - Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Miwe

    multideck ovens miwe ideal 700/6 used machine we offer you here a deck baking oven: 1) miwe ideal 700/6 2) baking area: 7 m2 3) 6 stoves (4) gas or oil burner (5) digital control availability: marc...

  • 2001 MIWE Miwe-Ideal 1800/5 Multideck ovens

    No price - Germany
    • Manufacturer: Miwe

    multideck ovens miwe miwe-ideal 1800/5 used machine we offer you here bros. deck baking oven miwe ideal 1800/5. -year of construction: 2001 -control: digital control -fuel: oil and gas -unit bakery...

  • Werner & Pfleiderer MD 50 Deck oven

    No price - Stutensee, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Werner & Pfleiderer

    used deck baking oven w & p md 50 heated oil subcategory 2: baking furnaces | subcategory 3: deck oven | condition info: used machine functional when baker

  • 1993 Heuft VO 220.33 Thermal oil deck oven

    No price - Stutensee, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Heuft

    used thermo-oil deck oven heuft vo 220.33 15qm baking surface 6 herd per b 120 x 200cm 3 extract herd oven switching off hdyhoyvh sales from stock

  • Winkler Columbus C516-96 Variomat Turbo deck oven

    No price - Baden-Württemberg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Winkler

    used floor furnace fabr. winkler columbus c516-96 variomat turbo very good condition heated oil mczof sales from stock

  • 1997 AESCO Parallel Flow 200-250 TPH Drum Mix

    No price - Nevada, United States
    • Manufacturer: AESCO
    • Hours: Call

    hours: call | $495,000 nevada: yes | 1997 aesco parallel flow 200-250 tph drum mix asphalt plant: yes | drum assembly model no. 32x80” drum is equipped with no recycle collar: yes | call for more ...

  • OZGUL 20 FEET TIPPING TYPE CONTAINER CARRIER TRAILER 20 container chassis semi-trailer

    No price - Turkey
    • Manufacturer: Ozgul

    rack it is manufactured in 20 feet container size strengthened “i” section centre members are welded by a submerged welding machine. they are welded between 120/15 mm bottom or top flat steel and 5...

  • TUBE HALF T tipper semi-trailer

    No price - Turkey

      superstructure damper body is produced from durable steel plate against 450 hb wears and impacts adjustable springs on end cover are connected on the upper side they can be opened and closed from b...