• Scania Demountable

    $7,184 - Lapua, Finland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Scania

    scania-mounted drive exchange trailer's own hydraulic. on n.12m3 hydraulic lift on the back edge.

  • 2000 Salon demountable factory Crane demountable

    $10,493 - Hämeenlinna, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Salon vaihtolavatehdas

    functional lift crane 6.0 m x 2.5 m 0.6 m wings .8.1 tm.kolmejatkoinen pm.koukku crane wire and the infection. also, funding, if necessary.

  • Firewood demountable

    $4,349 - Orimattila, Finland Recently Added

      body dimensions: length: 7,3m width: 2,6m height: 16cm + 2.2m rail

    • CLF 1999 Multilift demountables

      $9,932 - Turku, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Multilift

      almost flawless yläraami - option for the new - the unit danfoss blocks and sermisäiliö - nummi tipping - also installed - inquire about our platform to

    • Salon demountable factory Soralava

      $4,763 - Salo, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Salon vaihtolavatehdas

      now on domestic replacement pallets salon body works !! stock gravel lava 5500 * 800 4mm 6mm sole place -hydrauli up opening tailgate -laskurullat, the advantage of the network. color blue and gray

    • 2005 Volvo Demountable car

      $20,599 - Hämeenlinna, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Volvo

      also rent of € 100 / day. pitenpiaikaset agreement. the agile in tight spaces and low loading height !! financing up without a down payment for the rest of the debt redemption! the exchange visit a...

    • Self Made demountable

      $2,620 - Kouvola, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Omavalmiste

      hook and wire rope lava mechanical kami board isti even though the pallet of asphalt driving ..

    • 2013 Self Made Demountable Rails

      No price - Seinäjoki, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Selfmade
    • 2016 Self Made Konelava - Demountable

      No price - Lahti, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Selfmade

      vaihtolavasovitteiset machine transport platforms as well as custom-made stock. the standard machine platform leaves our garden and equipped as follows: - material 5mm tear plate / structural steel...

    • 1996 Scania 143 CRANE Demountable

      $20,208 - Varkaus, Finland Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Scania

      it is precisely surveyed, the world's best truck cab prosperous time. -hiab 100 cargo crane -nch vaijerilaite, 5.5 meters. -4.6 wheelbase -rasvari -ilmawebasto -vakionopeussäädin (the car is not an...