• Scania Demountable

    • Manufacturer: Scania

      scania-mounted drive exchange trailer's own hydraulic. on n.12m3 hydraulic lift on the back edge

      Lapua, Finland
    • 2000 Salon demountable factory Crane demountable

      • Manufacturer: Salon vaihtolavatehdas

        functional lift crane 6.0 m x 2.5 m 0.6 m wings .8.1 tm.kolmejatkoinen pm.koukku crane wire and the infection. also, funding, if necessary.

        Hämeenlinna, Finland
      • Salon demountable factory Soralava

        • Manufacturer: Salon vaihtolavatehdas

          now on domestic replacement pallets salon body works !! stock gravel lava 5500 * 800 4mm 6mm sole place -hydrauli up opening tailgate -laskurullat, the advantage of the network. color blue and gray

          Salo, Finland
        • 2005 Volvo Demountable car

          • Manufacturer: Volvo

            also rent of € 100 / day. pitenpiaikaset agreement. the agile in tight spaces and low loading height !! overall length (mm) 6250 width (mm) 2500 front overhang (mm) 1470 rear overhang (mm) 1150 curb weight (kg) 6...

            Hämeenlinna, Finland
          • 13m3 Demountable Combination

                container 11m3 moro october 9, a suction pump, a water capacity of 2m3 pratissoli kl33 102l / min 140bar, the entire rear opening

                Lapinjärvi, Finland
              • Salon demountable factory Gravel 6m

                • Manufacturer: Salon vaihtolavatehdas

                  hardox background 4750.00 + shipping costs kami, hydraulic or hydraulic transom + port options. + freight

                  Kiiminki, Finland
                • 2017 Salon demountable factory Konelava

                  • Manufacturer: Salon vaihtolavatehdas

                    truck and hoist designed for the transport of lava, visit also ideal for eg. a towing companies. -loivalla rise ramp to 1500mm, 15mm output -rakennekorkeus rail 175mm from the bottom of the action -even 8000mm le...

                    No price
                    Kiiminki, Finland
                  • 2016 Self Made Konelava - Demountable

                    • Manufacturer: Selfmade

                      vaihtolavasovitteiset machine transport platforms as well as custom-made stock. the standard machine platform leaves our garden and equipped as follows: - material 5mm tear plate / structural steel s355 - lashing...

                      No price
                      Lahti, Finland
                    • 2017 Salon demountable mill machine pallets 20t

                      • Manufacturer: Salon vaihtolavatehdas

                        height of the rail bottom surface of 175mm. hook and rope to use.

                        Kiiminki, Finland
                      • 2000 Ferrari Crane Demountable FERRARI 710

                        • Manufacturer: Ferrari

                          ferrari 710 vm.2000 - 3 hydraulic extension and one cold - extra hydraulic - hydraulic winch - no radio control new not abroad, this must not from us. purchase - sale - shift

                          Pomarkku, Finland