• 2016 MD-2 Linear dosing filler machine 2 pistons in stainless steel from 50 gr to 1 kg

    No price - Lorquí, Spain

      filling machine of new construction, built in stainless steel, it has all kinds of fluids, viscous and dense. you can adjust the volume of the dosage and it can automatic or manual work with, and c...

    • 1996 AVE RR12

      No price - Molina de Segura, Spain
      • Manufacturer: AVE

      10 pistons filler for semidense products.  capacity 1 l.  entry of the bottle from left to right.

    • AUSERE

      No price - Molina de Segura, Spain
      • Manufacturer: AUSERE

      piston filler 20 filling valves and 1 capping head. 3 available formats: format 1 - round bottle 78 mm diameter. - neck of the bottle 21,50 mm. - caps 31 mm diameter x 16 mm. format 2 - square bott...

    • Stork 25 -16

      No price - Molina de Segura, Spain
      • Manufacturer: Stork

      monobloc composed by piston filler and thermosealer. rotary filler with 25 pistons. rotary thermosealer with 16 heads. formats and spare parts also available.

    • Italfamat - Bottling unit

      No price - Italy Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Italfamat

      bottling filler automatic rotating monoblock italfamat 12-cylinder 2-liter glass with valves 3 ways bell upper pvc liquid and dense products automatic screw and pressure caps screw - charger plugs ...

    • 2013 TM C

      No price - Spain Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: TM

      metering filler for cubes for liquids and dense products. built entirely in stainless steel with filling capacities from 1 liter to 5 and 10 liters. productions filling from 6 to 10 minute cubes.

    • 1985 Bertaud Serac DT8 C

      No price - France
      • Manufacturer: Bertaud Serac

      8 pistons rotary filler bertaud serac dt8 c year : 1985 pistons capacity : 1000 ml speed : 4000 per hour for dense (oil, sauces, pures, soups, juices, necstars etc...) conditions : percfect all sta...