• 2013 SinfoMed SinfoMed K7 Myotronics SinfoMed J5

    • Manufacturer: SinfoMed

      sinfomed k7 myotronics sinfomed j5 elektrosonographie magnetkinsiographie electromyography dentistry funktionsdianostik the k7-diagnostics - 3 modules in a system 8-channel emg mwd9t magnetkinesiographie elektros...

      No price
      Baden-Württemberg, Germany
    • CERCON EYE-Scanner mit CERCON ART Software 3.3.3

      • Manufacturer: CERCON EYE-Scanner

        cercon eye scanner with cercon type 3.3.3 incl. xp computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and with cercon move, template, calibration ball and accessories condition: 00rffyriu the device can be started. no error mes...

        North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
      • 2016 ACTEON X MIND Trium

        • Manufacturer: ACTEON

          digital 2d x-ray system and 3d patients, with a 2d sensor for panoramic view of the cabn sinus sinus and nasal sinus shots and a flat panel detector for dvt. workstation pc. software pre-installed. adult and chil...

          Hesse, Germany
        • RARITAET Goldschmiede, Uhrmacher, Zahntechniker

          • Manufacturer: RARITAET

            rarity polishing table with fume control system for 8 jobs suitable for goldsmiths, watchmaker or dental technician s8h7hauh 14 drawers table in good serviceable condition. ready to use. table is sold without war...

            Baden-Württemberg, Germany
          • Same SOLLARIS 35 '03

            • Manufacturer: SAME
            • Hours: 813 hrs

            argon - fast 4x4 hydraulic front price with vat with a courier 4 cylinder. honeywell - dentistry in the machine we have 6 months guarantee !!

            Pyrgos, Greece
          • Same SOLARIS 35 '03

            • Manufacturer: SAME
            • Hours: 810 hrs

            with a courier argon - fast price with vat hydraulic front 4x4 new tires 4 cylinder. honeywell - dentistry in the machine we have 6 months guarantee !!

            Pyrgos, Greece
          • 2000 TROPHY digital 500

            • Manufacturer: TROPHY

              -very good used condition 2y7jogd8s -we will gladly send more technical details on request to offer optional and on request at an additional cost: mounting and commissioning and briefing roe testing opg-ceph, dig...

              Hesse, Germany
            • 2014 3D Systems ProX Prox 300 DMP

                  exhibition machine product specifications weight approx. 5000 kg size 1620 x 1520 x 800 mm supported file formats: iges, step, stl printing: dmp direct metal printing max. building volume in mm (l x w x h): 250 x...

                  No price
                  Düsseldorf, Germany
                • 2005 SOREDEX CRANEX TOME CEPH

                  • Manufacturer: SOREDEX

                    following combination of used equipment is offered: soredex cranex tome ceph commissioning may 2005 plus bh30kigm digora pct folienscanner for opg commissioning may 2005 plus scanora 5.1 software for 2d images an...

                    Hesse, Germany
                  • Seiler 0 - 220° Inclinable Binocular Head

                    • Manufacturer: Seiler

                      the seiler 0 - 220° inclinable binocular head (#6122015) is intended for use with the evolution xr6, iq, and evolution zoom dental/ent microscopes. the head allows for a full rotation from 0 to 220°. this type of...

                      San Diego, CA, USA