• 2005 Almab Destacking-stacking line

    No price - Finland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Almab

    sawn timber destacking-stacking line - tilthoist destacker, sticks separation, elevator, one side even end, sticks cassettes, outfeed rollers 3zosq8dqr

  • Bargstedt Portal destacking

    $8,881 - Lützen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Bargstedt

    with 2 topography in the pit 1 roll train middle parts vakuumsaugrahmen size 800 x 2,500 mm stack height 1,500 mm approx ansammelstation with small parts for electrical cabinet overhaul according t...

  • Fetzer BHE 500 vacuum lifter

    $2,037 - Teisendorf, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Fetzer

    fetzer vacuum lifter bhe 500 -lifting capacity 500 kg -with vacuum pump -good condition

  • Homag Turning station

    $7,000 - Lützen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Homag

    cross / long with acceleration roller conveyor roller diameter 80 mm, rubber rotary plug from the bottom cylindrical top rollers motorized height adjustment to match the corresponding thickness of ...

  • Ligmatech Bumerang ZHR15 Feedback

    $3,657 - Lützen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Ligmatech

    1-man operation of edge banding machine from the future work pieces are conveyed by means of a lifting device up to a driven double-acting, the parts to an appropriate level, consisting of wheel ra...

  • 1987 SCHIEPE SA-8/12 RJM Automatic stacker (nr 7)

    No price - Belgium
    • Manufacturer: SCHIEPE

    automatic stacker . yhwomxlck length of wood up to 3.8 x width 20 cm max width of stacks : 80 cm displacement of lay down arms (width) through driven motor . complete with entry roller tracks l = 4...

  • 1975 SCHIEPE Automatic stacker (nr 5)

    No price - Belgium
    • Manufacturer: SCHIEPE

    automatic stacker . length of wood up to 3.4 x width 23 cm with automatic positioning of stacker-stickers. max width of stacks : 80 cm manuel displacement (width) of lay down arms gbtv0e2zi

  • 1989 Fischer ASG 4 Stack machine

    No price Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Fischer

    fischer stack machine asg 4bj.1989 01 staple length 2 400-6 200 mm02. package width max 1 200 mm03. package height max 1 200 mm04. wood width 70-250 mm05. wood thickness 24-120 mmund with a fee...

  • 2006 Purkrabek Package maker stacking and stacking line

    No price Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Purkrabek

    package maker stack u.entstapelanlage fabr. purkrabek built in 2006 length bushings 3-5.20 m with 2 cross-cut saws maximum board thickness 105 mm incl. moisture meter bcwz8ake ndjjejpnzrtmhz with s...

  • 2000 Meinert BM 33 High Performance Feeding Plant

    No price - Georgsmarienhütte, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Meinert

    meinert high performance feeding plant type bm 33 3000/1300, yop 2000 #45808 e in paternoster execution, without pit cross-feeding over floor from 2 stacking places, without waiting time at stac...