• Heva AW TIP6300 2016

    $12,430 - Lenzburg, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Heva

    rental machine hydraulic folding roller with 2 control units, 6,3m working width, lighting, stone pit

  • Ott LM950HA-3 Plow Permanit 950

    $4,176 - Lenzburg, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: OTT

    3-blade plow with support wheel, semi-automatic stone guard, tools good, ready for use

  • Heva Mega Dan Gripper-mounted cultivator

    $10,740 - Lenzburg, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Mega

    groove blade cultivator with 6 leveling discs, serrated, height adjustable, working width 3m, follower tube roll 540mm

  • Ott Permanence M950 Plow Permanit 950 4 coulter

    $7,458 - Lenzburg, Switzerland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: OTT

    very well-groomed 4-plow plow with support wheel, scheibensech, semi-automatic stone guard, tools good, partly new

  • 2013 John Deere 1026R

    $29,733 - Lenzburg, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: John Deere
    • Model: 1026R
    • Hours: 250

    john deere compact 4 wheel drive tractor with 3-cylinder diesel engine and all-wheel drive, 2-speed hydrostatic transmission, comfort seat, servo steering, power take-off and sterndrive, front powe...

  • Kverneland THERE Sowing machine

    $8,850 - Lenzburg, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Kverneland

    sowing machine 3m in very good condition with track markers, 24 cx disc share, electronic driving lane circuit, lighting

  • 2016 Kverneland FRO II 280-H Mallets

    $8,353 - Lenzburg, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Kverneland

    new version schlegelmulcher front + rear frame with side draw, 2.8m working width, hammerschlegel, wear plate and 2. gegenschneide, guide roller

  • 2006 Amazone 303 Special Rotary harrow

    $6,861 - Lenzburg, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Amazone

    3m rotary harrow in good condition from service. reinforced input gearwheel from super 3000 rotary harrow. toothpicking roller 500mm incl. set new tines

  • Kverneland DA / NGH 301 Combination 3M

    $17,800 - Lenzburg, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Kverneland

    sowing machine with 24 cx disc coulter, hydr. seed drill combination with ng-h 301 power harrow up to 180 hp, 12 rotors, parallel side parts, roller 500mm, shifting of the rails, electronic tramlining

  • 2006 John Deere 3720

    $25,457 - Lenzburg, Switzerland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: John Deere
    • Model: 3720
    • Hours: 3800

    compact tractor with e-hydro gearbox 2 pedal control. stern and axle axle shaft. loadmatch, automatic engine speed adaptation to load condition. motionmatch, adjusts acceleration and deceleration b...