• Microwave Digestion Systems

        microwave digestion systems - transform 680 microwave digestion system and transform 800 microwave digestion system transform series 680 transform 800 series new sample preparation for elemental analysis microwav...

        No price
        Manasquan, NJ, USA
      • PERSEE WX-8000 Microwave Digestion System

        • Manufacturer: PERSEE

          wx-8000 microwave digestion system introduction the wx-8000 microwave digestion system is a practical microwave instrument, which can simultaneous ...

          $15,000 (USD)
          Woodmere, OH, USA
        • PERSEE WX-6000 Microwave Digestion System

          • Manufacturer: PERSEE

            wx-6000 microwave digestion system introduction? the wx-6000 microwave digestion system is an innovative primary microwave instrument, which can si ...

            $8,000 (USD)
            Woodmere, OH, USA
          • CEM Star System 6 - Microwave Digestion System

            • Manufacturer: Star

              phone: 1-567-221-0615 cem star system 6 - microwave digestion system.

              $1,980 (USD)
              Cridersville, OH, USA
            • CEM MDS-2100 Microwave Digestion System

              • Manufacturer: MDS

                cem mds-2100 microwave digestion system

                $3,599 (USD)
                Tustin, CA, USA
              • Sineo MDS-15 Microwave Digestion System

                • Manufacturer: MDS

                  here at buck we love innovative design, the folks at sineo microwave (in shanghai china) have been hard at work for the past 5 years developing the ma ...

                  $22,495 (USD)
                  Norwalk, CT, USA
                • Sineo Master 40 High Throughput Microwave Digestion System

                  • Manufacturer: Sineo

                    master 40 high throughput microwave digestion system the master 40 will drop kick your samples from the "to be prepped" rack, to the &quo ...

                    $26,495 (USD)
                    Norwalk, CT, USA
                  • CEM MARS 5 Microwave Accelerated ReactionSystem

                        cem mars 5 microwave accelerated reactionsystem used cem microwave mars 5 microwave used -for sample preparation bottleneck for aa, icp and icp-ms. -system is an efficient, continuous microwave power delivery co...

                        No price
                        Manasquan, NJ, USA
                      • 2011 Foss Tecator Soxtec 2050 30228

                        • Manufacturer: Foss

                          foss soxtec extraction system 2050. consisting of: 1x extraction unit 2050. 1x control unit 2050. 1x drive unit 2050. 1x extraction glass holder. 1x extraction sleeve holder. 95x extraction sleeves. 35x extractio...

                          $13,432 (USD)
                          Burladingen, Germany
                        • AHF CleanAcid CA-3.400mL 29702

                          • Manufacturer: AHF

                            ahf acid purification unit cleanacid ca 3.400ml. for graphite (pfa-coated). with thermostat. to accommodate 3 elbows for 500ml pfa vessels. temperature to 240°c. 230 v. 50/60 hz. 2200 w. optional: elbow slots and...

                            $2,055 (USD)
                            Burladingen, Germany

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