• Digilab ProPREP II (2) Automated Protein Digestion System Spectrometric Analysis

    $9,670 - Cridersville, OH, USA

      phone: 1-567-221-0615 9this 2008 digilab proprep ii is in excellent condition and has seen very little use. it comes with a computer and analysis software.

    • Sineo MDS-15 Microwave Digestion System

      $22,495 - Norwalk, CT, USA
      • Manufacturer: MDS

      here at buck we love innovative design, the folks at sineo microwave (in shanghai china) have been hard at work for the past 5 years developing the ma ... read more

    • Sineo Master 40 High Throughput Microwave Digestion System

      $26,495 - Norwalk, CT, USA
      • Manufacturer: Sineo

      master 40 high throughput microwave digestion system the master 40 will drop kick your samples from the "to be prepped" rack, to the &quo ... read more

    • Buck Scientific MDS-6G Closed Microwave Digestion / Extraction System

      $12,495 - Norwalk, CT, USA
      • Manufacturer: MDS

      the mds-6g sets a new benchmark for practical compact microwave digester: all steel industrial grade chamber with corrosion resistance and ultra ... read more

    • Waste Reduction, Inc. WR2 Alkaline Hydrolysis Tissue Digestion System

      No price - Mountain View, CA, USA Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Waste Reduction, Inc.

      for treatment and disposal of anatomic waste and pathologic waste, animal tissues and carcasses generated in biomedical and pharmaceutical research, touch-screen controls, hydraulic lid lifter, 100...

    • Dionex ASE 200 29421

      $19,165 - Burladingen, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Dionex

      dionex digestion system ase 200. with solvent controller, lysis vessels and glass vials. 1x 26er vial tray, 1x 24er cell tray. film panel with keypad and lcd display. 115/230 v. 50/60 hz.

    • MLS Start rotaPREP 29330

      $9,199 - Burladingen, Germany
      • Manufacturer: MLS

      mls microwave synthesis system start rotaprep. 230v. 50hz. microwave power 1200w. with terminal 640. flash memory card. multisensor card. vacuum sensor for connection to multi-sensor card. ir temp....

    • AHF EvapoClean 6p25 29246

      $1,788 - Burladingen, Germany
      • Manufacturer: AHF
    • AHF CleanAcid CA-3.400mL 29702

      $1,916 - Burladingen, Germany Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: AHF

      ahf acid purification unit cleanacid ca 3.400ml. for graphite (pfa-coated). with thermostat. to accommodate 3 elbows for 500ml pfa vessels. temperature to 240°c. 230 v. 50/60 hz. 2200 w. optional: ...

    • Foss Kjeltec 2400 28972

      $8,816 - Burladingen, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Foss

      foss kjeldahl analyzer kjeltec 2400. comprising analyzer unit and sampler unit. with autosampler, distillation and sample holder. foil control panel with display and keypad. plexiglas windshield. 4...