• JLT CLAMPS 190C-M1 CLAMP, DRAWER [CF-011178]

    $7,295 - MTN/CENTRAL CDN Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: JLT CLAMPS

    jlt clamps 190c-m1 drawer clamp new heavier frame construction on this vertical free standing clamp with dual fast acting diaphragm cylinders. -- achieve 3,500 lbs clamping force at 100 psi air pr...

  • 2015 DOUCET RDM2 CLAMP (DOOR, ROTARY) [CF-011170]

    $39,995 - MTN/CENTRAL CDN
    • Manufacturer: DOUCET

    doucet rdm2 rotary door clamp: master rotary door clamp with (8) stations - clamp multiple doors at one time. capacity: -- max. cap. of 30" x 96" (30" x 48" per side) squaring assembly; min. 5.5" ...

  • Doucet DWM Drawer Master Box Assembly Clamp

    $7,050 - Williamsport, PA
    • Manufacturer: DWM
    • Capacity: 10" height by 24" width x 36"

    doucet dwm drawer master drawer box assembly clamp doucet dwm drawer master drawer box assembly clamp is a revolutionary equipment to make high-quality drawers. it can easily assemble drawers becau...

  • Omec SCM1200 Hydraulic Drawer Clamp System

    No price - Williamsport, PA
    • Manufacturer: Omec

    scm1200 hydraulic drawer clamp system workpiece dimensions length width height front projection minimum 240mm 280mm 60mm 0mm maximum 660mm 1100mm 250mm 30mm scm1200 features: vacuum system tool kit...

  • Doucet SDM Single Standard Door Clamp - Assembly System

    $3,100 - Williamsport, PA
    • Manufacturer: Doucet

    doucet sdm single standard door clamp - door assembly system making top-quality doors can be a complex process. fortunately, there is a machine that can ease door production – the doucet sdm single...

  • Doucet Door Master SDM-Miter+

    $5,400 - Williamsport, PA
    • Manufacturer: Doucet

    30”x72” maximum capacity 5-1/2” x 18-1/2” minimum capacity one fixed vertical clamp two mobile vertical clamps on roller bearings for effortless positioning; one fixed horizontal clamp one mobile h...

  • Doucet Door Master SDM2-Miter

    $6,800 - Williamsport, PA
    • Manufacturer: Doucet

    doucet door master sdm2-miter has a stand alone 1 section door assembly system; 30”x48” maximum capacity; 5-1/2” x 12-1/2” minimum capacity; two fixed vertical clamps; two mobile vertical clamps on...

  • Doucet SDM Miter

    $4,700 - Williamsport, PA
    • Manufacturer: Doucet
    • Capacity: 30in x 72in

    doucet sdm miter how can you produce high-quality pantry doors for your customers? you need to have the doucet sdm miter. the doucet sdm miter is highly capable to manufacture excellent pantry door...

  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter 416 CDI (15 Trucks

    No price - Sweden Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz

    this object (mercedes sprinter 416 cdi (156hk)) is sold at an auction held at the countdown starts at 2016-09-28 10:18. please note that this vehicle is placed in spånga, proffs, sweden. for more...

  • 2016 OMEC SCA 1200 CLAMP, DRAWER [CF-300058]

    No price - United States
    • Manufacturer: OMEC

    automatic drawer box clamp design to assemble (5) different component drawers. __ high precision clamping of either dovetail-type or lock pin-type drawers. __ numerically controlled and automatic a...