• Etatron DLX pH-RX/MBB Electromagnetic Dosing Pump P/N PBX3622201

        the etatron dlx ph-rx/mbb electromagnetic dosing pump p/n pbx3622201 is a foot mounted dosing pump for the control and the regulation of ph or redox value. on-off or proportional dosing mode.. common features: ...

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        East Lyme, CT, USA
      • Multitests 9 economic heads snacks chips

            new simple 9-head multi-head dosing system, suitable for dosing various products such as chips, snacks, cherries, candies etc.

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            Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy
          • Unused- Serac Model 2229 P1 NW DIGI Semi Auto Weigh Scale Filling Machine

            • Manufacturer: Serac

              71575002 unused- serac model 2229 p1 nw digi semi auto weigh scale filling machine. machine is capable of filling up to 500 containers per hour (depending on application). designed for large volume 100g to 11kg d...

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              Bensenville, IL, USA
            • G. Mondini is filled with 2 heads.

                  g. mondini with 2 heads. type vf / spe-2, volume approx 1000ml, complete stainless steel. click on photos for flee photos.

                  Hobro, Denmark
                • TrePak 1 Head Dunk Fills

                      trepak 1 head dunk fills. length of filling tube: 435mm. ø dimensions of filling tube: 25mm.

                      Hobro, Denmark
                    • Mondini Dosing Machine

                          - double envelope - two heads - heated hopper

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                          Mouvaux, France
                        • Dosing Machine Seria

                              the dosing is equipped with: - 1 double-walled cylindrical hopper with integrated heat exchanger to the frame - 1 bracket with balancer - 1 pneumatic gun - 2 dosing heads with anti drop system.

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                              Mouvaux, France
                            • Grundfos DME 150-4 AP-PP/E/C-S-31QQF Dosing pump

                              • Manufacturer: Grundfos

                                dme dosing pump is a self-priming diaphragm pump. the motor is controlled in such a way that the dosing gets as even and constant as possible, irrespective of the capacity range in which the pump is operating. th...

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                                Gnosjö, Sweden
                              • 2 head filled with cups of dispencer and rapo

                                    2 head filled with cups of dispencer and rapo. tape measure: length: 250cm. width: 13.5cm. height: 95cm. tragt liter: approx. 250 liters. rapo goal: length: 150cm. width: 140cm. height: 75cm. beer dispencer ø: 12...

                                    Hobro, Denmark
                                  • Layer fills 4 head band length 480cm.

                                        make up, 4 head. ribbon length: 480cm. ribbon width: 15cm. height of tape: 75cm. fylderør goal: ø: 20mm. length: 100mm. total goals: length: 480cm. width: 80cm. height: 210cm. attention !!! styretavle mangler! lyk.

                                        Hobro, Denmark