• G. Mondini fills with 2 heads.

    $6,529 - Hobro, Denmark

      g. mondini with 2 heads. type vf / spe-2, volume approximately 1000ml, complete stainless steel. click on photos to flee photos.

    • Trepak 1 head Dunk Fills

      $10,882 - Hobro, Denmark

        trepak 1 head dunk fills. length of filling: 435mm. ø goals of filling: 25mm.

      • 2 head fills with cup dispencer and Rapo

        $6,964 - Hobro, Denmark

          2 head fills with cup dispencer and rapo. band goals: length: 250cm. width: 13,5cm. height: 95cm. funnel liter: ca. 250 liters. rapo objectives: length: 150cm. width: 140cm. height: 75cm. cup dispe...

        • Lage fills 4 head band length 480cm.

          $5,078 - Hobro, Denmark

            lage fills, 4 head. tape length: 480cm. band width: 15cm. height tape: 75cm. filling objectives: ø: 20mm. length: 100mm. total dimensions: length: 480cm. width: 80cm. height: 210cm. attention !!! c...

          • Kompelt filling line with bottle travels, 2 head filling, capsule screwdriver, label maker

            $21,765 - Hobro, Denmark
            • Manufacturer: SMB

            complete filling line with sejersen bottle travel, hansen fred farm 2 head fills, zalkin capsule screw eme label maker. volume: minimum: approximately 100ml. maximum: 1000ml.

          • Mondini Dosing Machine

            No price - Mouvaux, France

              - double envelope - two heads - heated hopper

            • Dosing Machine Seria

              No price - Mouvaux, France

                the dosing is equipped with: - 1 double-walled cylindrical hopper with integrated heat exchanger to the frame - 1 bracket with balancer - 1 pneumatic gun - 2 dosing heads with anti drop system.

              • Filler, Auger, P-1, Mdl DP-1, S/st, Single Head

                No price - San Dimas, CA, USA

                  single head auger filler mfg by p-1, model dp-1. unit is ideal for dosing quanitites from a few milligrams to 10 grams. bench mounted auger filler is semi automatic, all stainless steel contact par...

                • Minidoypack to a head

                  $26,842 - Piedmont, Italy

                    minidoypack complete system with 4-channel balance, ideal for packaging and dosing product in pre-made pouches.

                  • multihead dosing

                    No price - Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

                      wide range of weight dosing systems multihead 10 or 14 heads.