• 2011 MOUNTAIN Oilfield - Misc. - Additional Oilfield Equipment

    • Manufacturer: MOUNTAIN

      consisting of: (1) 2011 sand separator 20" x 8' x 7500# asem/nace, 2" 1502 connections, trailer mounted; (1) 2011 line heater 2mm btu 10,000# psi upstream / 3000# psi downstream, mounted on 28'x102" lowboy traile...

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      Williamsport, PA, USA

      • Manufacturer: Killion

        one (1) used killion blown film line, model bft, 3" diameter fixed die with air ring, with 2" diameter x 15" wide nip rolls with .5 hp dc drive with scr, pneumatic gap adjustment, 26" high collapsable frame, adju...

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        Cleveland, OH, USA

            qiagen tissuelyser tissue lyser qiagen retsch mm300 qiagen tissuelyser used nice provides rapid and efficient disruption of cells and tissues for the biorobot. -processing of up to 2 x 96 samples takes as little ...

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            Manasquan, NJ, USA
          • Thermo ALPS 50V Variable Temperature Sealer Thermo Scientific ALPS 50V semi-automatic heat sealer Thermo Model S120499-1-A006 Thermo ALPS-50V

            • Manufacturer: Thermo

              thermo alps 50v variable temperature sealer thermo scientific alps 50v semi-automatic heat sealer thermo model s120499-1-a006 thermo alps-50v used nice thermo scientific alps 50v semi-automatic heat sealer - fast...

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              Manasquan, NJ, USA
            • Robbins Scientific Tango 384 Well Transfer Liquid Handling System

                  the robbins scientific tango 384 well transfer liquid handling system with a 96 channel head and auto wash module combines superior capacity, precision, speed, and flexibility to facilitate automated high through...

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                  East Lyme, CT, USA
                • Qiagen Retsch MM300 TissueLyser Lab Vibration Mill Mixer

                      the qiagen retsch mm300 tissuelyser lab vibration mill mixer provides rapid and efficient disruption of cells and tissues for the biorobot. processing of up to 2 x 96 samples takes as little as 2 - 4 minutes. dis...

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                      East Lyme, CT, USA
                    • 3 Layer Randcastle Lab Sheet Line With Winder

                      • Manufacturer: Randcastle

                        3 layer randcastle lab sheet line with winder consisting of: 1" randcastle vertical extruder, 24:1 l/d ratio, water cooled feed throat, fan cooled barrel. 3 temperature control zones, 3 hp dc motor, direct drive...

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                        United States
                      • Keysight (formerly Agilent) N7015A

                        • Manufacturer: Agilent

                          keysight (formerly agilent) n7015a usb type c test fixture available for: rent, buy product overview the n7015a type c test kit provides the best-in-class performance up to 30 ghz of de-embeddable bandwidth, enab...

                          United States
                        • 5025 - Baldwin Web Severer and Clamping Device 5025

                          • Manufacturer: Fast

                            38" width (965mm) from m600 features: web severer and clamping devices react very fast and cut the oncoming / exiting web upstream and downstream of the system module which needs protection. baldwin web severer a...

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                            Elk Grove Village, IL, USA
                          • Tiger-Vac CD-2600 CR SS ARP 59597

                            • Manufacturer: Tiger

                              vacuum cleaner system.  vacuum cleaner designed to be attached to process machines and for general cleanup for the food industry. this unit can also be used for the recovery of tablets in the pharmaceutical indus...

                              Freehold Township, NJ, USA