• Bollman Drying Kiln Romania

    • Manufacturer: Bollman

      drying kiln ludwig bollman kg 4x1,5 kw fans diameter 1000 mm lxlxh 8000x4000x3000 mm volume approx. 90 m3 german fabrication in perfect condition now in operation. packed with a suitable sawdust or wood waste com...

      $5,946 (USD)
      Lugoj, Romania
    • Nardi Drying Kiln Romania

      • Manufacturer: Nardi

        buy nardi kiln dried 32mc lumber, size 8.5mx3mx3.5m. the dryer runs on hot air, does not require the boiler. the dryer is functional, has its own heat exchanger, controller and probes. it can also be used as a ha...

        $5,946 (USD)
        Bogdănești, Romania
      • 1996 NYLE Drying Kiln Hungary

        • Manufacturer: NYLE

          2x70m3 (without superstructure), a faultless, one you have to be renovated - translated with google

          $10,703 (USD)
          Ráckeve, Hungary
        • 2000 Copcal Drying Kiln Romania

          • Manufacturer: Copcal

            we exchange two copcal used drying kilns that is in perfect working conditions, with a second-hand volvo front loader. mihaela chibulcutean tel: + 40-773880818 + 40-734229157 - translated with google

            No price
            Oradea, Romania
          • 2005 SEBA Drying Kiln Romania

            • Manufacturer: SEBA

              for sale : automation+ heat exchanger + ventilator bar + air evacuation with bellini servomotors + aluminium panel doors. they equipped 2 conventional dryers of 50 cubic meters each , in an existing building.

              $11,659 (USD)
              Baia Mare, Romania
            • 2012 Bes Bollmann Drying Kilns

              • Manufacturer: Bes Bollmann

                the installation was in 2013, capacity 150 cm each , used for beech 32 and 50 mm thickness the dryers are for sale as a group of 10 (are build 5 in mirror with commune command hall) all technical documentation is...

                No price
                Gherla, Romania
              • Muhlbock Drying Kiln Romania

                • Manufacturer: Muhlbock

                  buy muhlbock dryer professional, fast drying system, especially for thin timber-4 -10 mm slides, dry without deformation 650 m2 in 48 hours. computer programming, electronic control. - translated with google

                  $14,574 (USD)
                  Sighișoara, Romania
                • Drying Kiln Romania

                      sell ​​hair m8 booster timber operation including diesel-fired thermal plant, price negotiable - translated with google

                      $5,830 (USD)
                      Barați, Romania
                    • Drying Kiln Romania

                          it sells dryer sawdust with the following characteristics: drying capacity: more than 150 kg depending on the humidity of sawdust (operating principle is: the blast of heat company pollin of 50kw heat put heat in...

                          $4,081 (USD)
                          Frumușița, Romania
                        • 2008 SEBA PRO DRY STD 100-11000 PO 10V MH Drying Kiln Romania

                          • Manufacturer: SEBA

                            division: woodworking machinery | condition info: used

                            $39,641 (USD)
                            Bătești, Romania

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