• Retsch Rapid Dryer TG 100

    • Manufacturer: Rapid

      retsch rapid dryer tg 100, a constant flow of warm air keeps the particles to be dried agitated and separate. the result is a rapid, gentle and uniform drying process without localized overheating or agglomeratio...

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      Manasquan, NJ, USA
    • Drying Kiln Romania

          the drier the wood oven capacity 300kg / h with wet sawdust 25/35% including accessories for vacuum cleaners and tanks - translated with google

          Oradea, Romania
        • 450 Tonnes/Day Brickworks #RG8661

              used 450 tonnes / 8 hours brickworks. plant reported to have started production in 2008 and to have shutdown in 2011. oven has dimensions of 80m length, 4.6m width, 2m height. drier has length 80m, width 40m. equ...

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            • 2010 ito Touch screen manufacturing line

              • Manufacturer: Screen

                touch screen manufacturing line ito used machine touch screen manufacturing line make:germany/korea year:2010 (equipment list) printing (sl printer) eching( dl cleaning ) dryer( ir drier) laminate (sheet laminate...

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                South Korea
              • 2013 mino tempering glass mobile phone tempered

                • Manufacturer: Hyundai

                  mobile phone tempered glass mino tempering glass used machine 1. jet machining center make: omax year:2013 footprint:3327mm × 2413mm weight:2854? height:2998mm operating weight:5897? work envelope x-y travel:1397...

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                  South Korea