• 1989 Friedrich Engels Bulgaria PK 031 - MK4 A1810455

    • Manufacturer: Friedrich Engels Bulgaria

      column drilling machine - floor drilling machine - gear drilling machinemanufacturer engelsehr sturdy version of large drilling pin travelmachine pickup mk4baujahr 1989automatic feedcooling device in the footnot ...

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      Essen, Germany
    • Gillardon GB 30 V

      • Manufacturer: Gillardon

        drill press gillardon gb 30v short spindle spindle stroke/drilling depth 175 mm djju9wb drill quick change facility mk3/mk4/mk6 feed mount mt 3 throat depth 320 mm drilling capacity 32 mm drill spindle 2 courses ...

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        • Manufacturer: Alzmetall

          a used well-preserved half drill press drilling capacity 40mm drilling capacity 50mm alzmetall motor power 3kw spindle taper mk4 speed range 60-765 u / min 3 automat feeds 01, 02, 03, projection 330mm more techn ...

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          Hesse, Germany